Liberty Fashion Show was a hit!


The show was so hot we crashed the sim… TWICE! But we did it and soldiered on and it was a smashing hit! Photos by Monica Zemenis


IMA – LIBERTY CITY– Saturday, 30 April 2011 1pmslt


Welcome Ladies and gentlemen, Liberty City Spring Extravaganza presented by IMA, Inc and Liberty City.  Today we will be featuring the fashions of Glam Affair by Aida Magic, Kim Wardrobe Collection by Kimberly Flagon, SOURCE by Oliviah Inglewood, Boudoir by Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless, ViLada קearℓ Roυx by Belen Clarrington, Peqe by Inex Hax, PIDIDDLE by Brutus Martinek, BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa, Ricielli by Fhara Ricielli, [sYs] by Systi Cisse and Syane Cisse, The Niven Collection by Scarlett Niven, The Secret Store by Maylee Oh.

Hair from LoQ Hair designed Gia Pawpad.  Skins from Bare Sensual designed by Gigi Ponnier, ROZENA designed by Lindsay Rozen, LPD skins designed by Nevery Lorakeet.  Fabulous heels from ::::PiCHi::::. by Zxxrysa Magic and Morantique Lush Jewellery by Mo Miasma.

This incredible set that we are surrounded in was built by Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto from Abiss. 

Our show will be starting in just a few minutes.

Please get comfortable and enjoy the show.

We would like to remind you at this time to please help our models to do their very best please remove all unnecessary bling, attachments and scripted gadgets, which is the only way to make them disappear from the Sim’s memory. 

Please note “bling off” or “ao off” does not equal removing them.  Just click the item and select “detach from yourself” or “take off items.”  Thank you.

Today we are featuring the innovative designs of the wonderful designers of Liberty City.   These unique designs will surely leave you awe-struck and wanting more!!

I am Francesca Von Galtier and I am a  co-owner of IMA Inc and I am delighted to be your host for this event.   We also have the fabulous Justice Topaz spinning music for the event today.   So sit back relax, toggle your music and let’s get this started!!!!




Dancing onto the stage today in three eye-catching ensembles from Kim Wardrobe Collection by Kimberly Flagon, these looks are sure to be the center of attention!

If you are looking the perfect look for night out dancing with friends then look no further than Izabelicia Lemton who is showing us a racy pair of strapped leggings paired flawlessly with KIM’s exclusive Ceap Top in a deep midnight black.  The straps of the leggings wrap up and around the legs creating an interesting pattern that compliments the chic styling of the Ceap top. The top’s deep plunging neckline is sprinkled with sparkling diamonds that will draw the all eyes in the room to you!  Izabelicia has chosen red ::PiCHi:: Blair suede booties, Morantique Lush Rita Earrings, necklace and ring with LoQ Hairs in Caffe Corretto.

Helen Zhora looks like a dream in KIM’s Exclusive Grey Dreams bodysuit.  The deep rick hue of the grey suit shines impressively under the runway lights and the strip of alternating brown grey that decorates the top enhances her seductive curves.  The legs are cut high showing off her long legs and the racer back cut of the bodice adds a bit of drama to this spicy ensemble.

Nothing is more alluring than a lady in leopard print and the gorgeous Hela Azalee is surely a spectacular vision in KIM’s Exclusive Dark Hydra dress.  The micro-mini silk dress is constructed with a stunning black and charcoal leopard print silk falling high above the knee exposing her long beautiful legs.  The deep V of the bodice is held up by dainty spaghetti straps that accentuate her exquisite silhouette.  This is one dress you simply must add to your wardrobe for summer! Hela has styled this outfit with leo green ::PiCHi:: Mishka pumps, Morantique Lush Aqua Collection and LoQ hair in Café Au Lait.

Thank you Izabelicia, Helen, and Hela!!!




If you like a more eclectic yet edgy style then our PIDIDDLE by Brutus Martinek will be perfect for you!   Combining classic styles with fun and funky details this line will have you wanting more!

Anastacia Markova is joining us in a vibrant ensemble from PIDIDDLE.  She wears a hot pink high waist tube skirt that is matched seamlessly with the hot pink De L’hiver Sweater.  This is one hot number with the shorter than short skirt and bulky sweater with oversized cowl neck that compliments the curve hugging skirt.  She has chosen::PiCHi::BLAIR suede bootie in purple to complete the look, skin from Glam Affair, Morantique Lush/ Ena Eterna Earrings, Eterna Necklace and Black  LOQ Hair in Grappa Pieva.

Her dramatic make up is PIDIDDLE’s Pink Leopard lip color and she is wearing Ms.Handsie’s GapTeeth for a little added flair!

Is that Luralie Bailey strutting out in PIDIDDLE’s Pitseleh Pencil Dress in a cool grey?  It certainly is and she is turning every head in the room in this classic cut dress that falls at the knee and is trimmed in a band of black.  Luralie has accessorized with PIDIDDLE’s Pitseleh Pearl Arm piece black pearl encircle her arm and are adorned by full black feathers adding a hint of drama to the look.  Her shoe choice is ::PiCHi:: BLAIR suede bootie in tweet.  And her glowing skin is *LpD* Skins London Extreme Black finished with PIDIDDLE’s Lip Color in Ink’d In and is worn with a set of gap teeth.  Luralie also showcases Morantique Lush Aqua Collection set.

Summer is heating up and we all need something sexy to wear for a day of shopping in the city with our girlfriends and Petra 13 Cortes is showing us just that in PIDIDDLE’s Satin Lingerie set in red, it is layered under PIDIDDLE’s Beirut Vest in and icy gray.  Eye-catching and dramatic when paired with PIDIDDLE’s Beirut Jeans in Black Wash.  The jeans sit low on the waist and have detailed patches on both knees showing more of the details you come to expect from designer Brutus Martinek.  To finish the look a pair of ::PiCHi:: BLAIR suede booties in red and Morantique Lush Queenesa necklace & Rita ring.  Her makeup is PIDIDDLE’s lip color in Hot Sauce worn with GapTeeth with Bare Sensua Moods 006.

Thank you Anastacia, Luralie, and Petra 13!!!




Stylish and chic would best describe our next collection from designer קearℓ Roυx (belen.clarrington) of ViLada.   Rich textures mixed with elegant designs make up these next three styles that you will want to wear home today!

Starting off this set we have the fashionable Annough Lykin wearing ViLada’s Corra jumpsuit in a brilliant deep purple silk.   This fun and flirty ensemble is perfect for all your summer events with the full length pant that balloons at the cuff and has a full flowing bodice.  The shoulders fall softly off into a delicate ruffle that draws the eye up to her beautiful face.  Worn with Bare Sensua Moods 001 skins,  ::PiCHi:: Mishka Pumps in leo fuchsia, “LoQ Hairs” Con Panna in Jet Black and Morantique LUSH Eterna necklace & Rita ring.

Hot nights in the city call for hot fashions and ViLada’s Conceal jumpsuit in black looks dazzling on BlackBarbie Bravin.  The jet black knit bodysuit accentuates her curves beautifully cut high on the legs with long sleeves and a supple cowl neck.  The snakelike gold design that adorns the chest of the suit adds a bit of elegant drama to the ensemble.  To finish the look ::PiCHi:: Blair suede bootie in yellow,  Bare Sensua Moods 002, Morantique Lush Solaris earrings and Black LoQ Hair in Tiramisu, are a perfect match!

Saleena Hax looks simply exquisite in ViLada’s Pathe silk Lavender cocktail dress.  The sophisticated lines of the bodice flow down elegantly into the short miniskirt.  The skirt is layered with silk and chiffon that creates a stunning silhouette that will have all eyes on you as you dance the night away.  Decorating the right shoulder is a large lavender rose which makes a perfect finish for this classy ensemble.  Saleena has chosen ::PiCHi:: Mishka Pumps in Tweet, Mocha LoQ hair in Con Panna, Morantique Lorienn Earrings and  Bare Sensua Moods 003 to complete her styling.

Thank you Annough, BlackBarbie, and Saleena!!




Modern and edgy styling mixed with brilliant colors and racy designs make up the next three designs from SOURCE by Oliviah Inglewood.

Strutting onto the catwalk we have Hela Azalee in SOURCE’s Galaxy Dress.  This design is out of this world combining the elements of the basic black dress and mixing it with angular sculpts to create a piece of wearable artwork.  The triangular sculpts are placed perfectly on the hips and shoulders to create a unique silhouette you will love to wear.  The oversized shoulders are studded with silver studs to add flair to the look and when paired with black ::PiCHi:: suede booties, Bare Sensual {BS} Model sun  001 skin, Morantique Lush Avangarda Collection and black LoQ hair in Frappe, you have one amazing ensemble!

If you’re looking for a go anywhere look then look no further than Izabelicia Lemton wearing SOURCE’S Triangle Jumpsuit in Salmon pink.  The full jumpsuit’s pant has a triangular cut on the hips and the alternating texture details on the bodice shows off Izabelicia’s tiny waist.  The strapless design adds a chic flair to this modish style and the decorative collar makes this a must have for the summer season.  Paired with tweet Mishka ::PiCHi:: pumps, Morantique Lushl Lu earrings,  Bailey LoQ hair and Bare Sensual Tess she looks perfect in this ensemble!!

Are you a lady that prefers the versatility of separates then SOURCE’s Triangle pants in black worn with the Pasties bodysuit in beige is perfect for your style and the stunning Helen Zhaora is turning heads as she walks down the catwalk!  The slim pant as triangular sculpts on the hips that give the effect of a longer leg and they come in seven different shades so your styling possibilities are endless. The fitted bodysuit has black pasties decorating the breasts and Screwed chain shoulder pads to add to the dramatic effect of this look.  To complete the ensemble matching screwed 4 finger gloves, ::PiCHi:: Shoes and   Bare Sensual Sabrina skin make Helen unforgettable in this look!!

Thank you Hela, Izabelicia, and Helen!!




Summer is the perfect time for fun flowing dresses and vibrant colors and designer Nex Hax of Peqe is showing us just that in the creations.  These next three designs are perfect for the hot summer days ahead and can be taken from day to night!

Let’s welcome back Luralie Bailey in Peqe’s M.I. blue and black drape dress.  This flirty dress has layers of black and royal blue silk draped around her perfect curves creating a picturesque silhouette.  She is wearing it with Peqe’s M.I. leggings and to finish the look she has chosen Peqe’s High Keira Tartan blue.   This is one dress you will love wearing all summer long!!  You will note the beautiful Mesh Silver Necklace an Aura Earrings and Ring by Morantique and perfectly styled Black LoQ hair in Grappa.

Rocking a little rock-n-roll style we have Petra 13 Cortes in Peqe’s Kiss me top, the blousy strapless top is emblazoned with a vibrant red pair of lips edgy and cute all in one!!  She has paired the top with Peqe’s Pop Art Modern leggings and with a racy pair of Peqe’s G Wedge.  Petra has also complimented her look with Morantique Lush Avangarda Bracelet and Brown LoQ hairs in Mocha.  Every girl needs a fun, flirty and racy ensemble that makes her feel sexy when she enters the room and this is certainly it!! 

Our next dazzling model Anastacia Markova is showing us a more classic style from Peqe the Blender dress this exquisite snow white balloon dress is layered over a black brocade skirt that flows in the wind.  The sweetheart neckline of the bodice creates a beautiful focus point for this classic but updated style and the skirt that is made up of strips of fabric ads to the magical effect.  She has chosen to wear with Peqe’s Blender tights and the edgy G Wedge Blender.  Her makeup is from *LpD* the *Kate* Pink with no teeth,  black LoQ Hair in Cafe Au lait and Black Morantique lush Lush Viktoria Necklace and Earrings.

Thank you Luralie, Perta 13 and Anastacia!!!




Romance is in the air with our next designs from Maylee Oh of The Secret Store.  These whimsical dresses will have you falling in love with The Secret Store.

BlackBarbie Bravin is joining us in a dreamy dress from The Secret Store the Scottish Dahlia.  The multi-layered skirt is reminiscent of the beautiful Dahlia flower with its numerous layers of petals. The skirt is created in a myriad of blues, purples and greens that evoke a sense of mystery.  The plunging neckline meets the high waist skirt with a wide belt with a large ornate silver buckle and a flowing scarf is wrapped carelessly around her neck.  Her beautiful skins is compliments of *LpD* Skin *Rebecca* in Black Orchid.  Outfit is supported by floral black Mishka ::::PiCHi:::: Pumps, Morantique Lush Drastik Sprit earrings, bracelet with Tiramisu LoQ hairs!  What a spectacular creation from designer Maylee Oh and styling of Blackbarbie.

Breaking all the hearts today is the darling Saleena Hax in The Secret Store’s sweet little Valentine dress shown in a vibrant fuchsia Pink.  The sweetheart neckline of the fitted bodice shows off all of her exquisite curves and flows down into the full skirt.  The skirt is layered over a black crinoline of layers and layers of toile making the pink silk stand out from her waist and swirl romantically around as she dances the night away.   Her skin is the fabulous creation of *LpD* Skins the London in Extreme Violet.  What a wonderful look this is for all your summer dates.  Saleena has lovingly styled her outfit with Tweet Mishka ::PiCHi:: pumps, Morantique Lush Earrings and Black LoQ hair in Tequila.

Our last dreamy lady is Annough Lykin in The Secret Store’s Pretty Poppy this flouncy little frock is a perfect choice for an afternoon strolling in the beautiful summer weather with someone special.  The deep blue petal skirt has a top layer of ruby poppies that brighten up the ensemble and draw your attention to the wide belt that cinches her petite waist.  The dainty strapless bodice is a perfect complement for the elaborate skirt.  Her stunning skin is the work of *LpD* Skins – Kimiko Black Special Lips, “LoQ Hairs” Iced Coffee in Red,  Red ::PiCHi:: BLAIR suede booties and Morantique LUSH Da! necklace and Moria ring

Thank you BlackBarbie, Saleena and Annough!!




Fhara Ricielli (fhara.acacia) of Ricielli is best known for their classic yet updated styles that can be worn every day and are even more fun to mix and match to create a look that is uniquely yours.  Designer:

With the summer weather heating up all the lovely ladies needs a stylish way to stay cool while looking hot and Helen Zhora is showing us just that in this combination from R.icielli.  Pairing the high waist Joanne short in pink with the Misseiling Jacket in teal makes for a fun combination.  The cool teal jacket has elaborate angular shoulders that complement the fitted short perfectly.  The opulent *LpD* Skin in London Extreme Violet looks stunning on Helen and is a flawless finish for this sexy look.

Hela Azalee looks tasteful and elegant in R.icielli’s DONNA coat in a rich ruby red and Eliza High wasted pants – black.  The classic lines of this chic coat dress will have you ready for even the most intense business meeting.  The large sculpted collar frames the plunging neckline that flows down to the ornate belt that accentuates Hela’s slim waistline.  Look at her stunning complexion compliments of *LpD* Skin the *Melissa* Midnight line. Hela has teamed up tweet Mishka ::PiCHi:: pumps, Morantique Lush Rita necklace with Black LoQ Bailey hair.

Running around town from store to store you need a comfortable outfit and Izabelicia Lemton looks splendid in R.icielli’s VICTORIA jumpsuit.  The ensemble is created in a warm silver silk that hugs all of Izabelicia’s curves and will have all eyes on her.  The plunging neckline and sculpted collar add a bit of drama to this fun and flirty design.  The warm glow on her face is created by the exquisite *LpD* *Melissa* 60′ Doll Skin that she is wearing to complete this look. Izabelicia has completed her outfit with fuschia ::PiCHi:: Blair suede booties, Morantique Lush Eterna necklace, Mandarine ring, Chakra earrings and LoQ hair in Mocha.

Thank you Helen, Hela, and Izabelicia!!!




If you are looking for a designer who creates innovative designs that are comprised of classic lines with eclectic and edgy details then look no further than Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa.  You are sure to fall in love with her fun and exciting line!!

Casual elegance at its best is exactly what Anastacia Markova is showing us today in Baiastice’s Anna lou ensemble.  This design has so many styling options you will never get bored, the purple silk harem pants can be worn with the strapless bodice for a sexy evening look or if you want something more casual choose the flirty ruffle sleeved top.  The wide suede belt can be worn low on the waist to accentuate your beautiful curves.  To complete the look Anastacia is wearing Baiastice’s Marina skin in milk with make up 3, black LoQ hair in Frappe, Tweet ::PiCHi:: shoes and Morantique Lush Rita Necklace Gold with matching Rita earrings.

Ready for a little retro glam then you have to check out Petra 13 Cortes in Baiastice’s Black Plastik dress.  This is one eye-catching dress that you will want to add to your wardrobe.  The slender cut dress falls right at the knee and is belted by a slim plastic belt showing off your curves.  One shoulder is decorated with an elaborate sleeve of plastic sculpts adding to the drama of the look.  Her creamy complexion is compliments of Baiastice’s Marina skin in pale with make up 4, black ::PiCHi:: suede booties, Morantique Lush Oui necklace with studs.  Matching gloves, purse and beret make this design unforgettable!!

Contrasting colors of blue and orange make a fun and flirty palette for Baiastice’s Ivonne in Leather and Luralie Bailey looks striking in this impressive dress.  Orange bubbles decorate the blue tights and the pattern is is carried through to the decorative sculpt on the belt.  The classic cut of the dress is updated by the addition of the decorative sculpts that circle Luralie’s neck and are placed on the arms and waist.  Her striking skin is Baiastice’s Marina in dark with make up 1.  This is one dress that will stop traffic!! To seal the look, Luralie has styled this outfit with Mroantique Chiari earrings and Black LoQ hair in Granita. Phew she is a vision.

Thank you Anastacia, Petra 13, and Luralie!!!




Magical Romance with flowers and butterflies is what I think of when I hear that the next three models will be wearing dreamy designs from Boudoir designed by Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless.

Annough Lykin is a picture of beauty in Boudoir’s “Regardez moi!” dress.  The plunging neckline of the open bodice flows down into a skirt of ruffles and roses.  What could be more romantic than wearing roses wrapped around your body….The exquisite imported laces sleeves will draw all eyes to you and when paired with Morantique’s Gardenia Greta pearl necklace you have a splendid look that won’t soon be forgotten!  Her striking skin is Boudoir’s Sweet Nymphe 2.  Annough also wears ::PiCHi:: BLAIR suede bootie in pink, “LoQ Hairs” Baileys in  Black and Morantique Lush Gardenia Greta necklace.

The dainty flowers that you wake to each morning give name to the splendid dress model Saleena Hax is showing us today.  Morning Glory by Boudoir is a vision of loveliness with layers of silk in varying tones of purple, pink and blue draped to resemble the delicate petals of the flower.  The balloon bodice is a perfect match to this magical dress and when paired with Boudoir’s Sweet Nymphe 2 skin, Pink ::PiCHi:: Blair Suede Booties, Morantique Boudoir Earrings and Blonde LoQ hair in Con Panna.  Saleena is simply stunning!!

Looking for the perfect dress for that summer garden party?  Then you must look at the gorgeous BlackBarbie Bravin Madame Chou Chou.  This is the perfect party dress in the sweet pale pink silk the fitted bodice creates an exquisite silhouette that flows into the full skirt of layered ruffles.  If that wasn’t impressive enough the delicate butterflies that decorate the skirt make this dress simply magnificent.  The dramatic Sweet Nymphe 2 skin by Boudoir, jewels from Morantique Lush and shoes from ::PiCHi:: are a perfect finish for this dazzling look!!

Thank you Annough, Saleena and BlackBarbie!!!


RUN 10


Avante Garde Couture at is best is what you can expect from designer Scarlett Niven of The Niven Collection.  The mostly black and white collection will certainly catch your eye and keep your attention!!

Struting onto the stage we have Izabelicia Lemton in The Niven Collection’s MonoChrome Raven ensemble with the slender satin pants that are paired with an extravagant top.  The top is made of hundreds of flexi prims textured in varied tons of white, black and grey and then layered to look like the feathers of a raven.  A matching belt is worn low on the waist and adds a nice chic flair to this look.  The exquisite Monica skin from Glam Affair in light 06 is worn with The Niven Collection’s Mono Chrome Black Geisha Lip adding to the edgy styling of this look!!  To wrap up this look you will note blue ::PiCHi:: Blair suede booties, Morantique Lush Aqua collection, LoQ hair in Café Au Lait.

Another work of art from designer Scarlett Niven is the Eiffiel Tower Dress and Helen Zhora looks stellar in this wearable piece of artwork.  The slender grey dress is the base for the building of the tower which wraps around Helen’s body.  The tower is made if an intricate lace prim that is manipulated to resemble a wearable tower creating something truly unique.  Her glowing skin is Glam Affair’s Monica in Tan 06 with The Niven Collection’s Mono Chrome Black Geisha lip.  What a site Helen is in this creation simply stunning!!

Causal Couture with and edgy feel is what Hela Azalee is showing us in The Niven Collection’s Mono Chrome II Yaza.  This is one fun look the rope halter top leaves little to the imagination as it wraps around Hela’s bodice.  Complementing the sexy top is a pair of silk harem pants with full legs decorated at the calf with diamond buttons creating a dramatic flair!  The Niven Collection’s Mono Chrome Black Geisha Lip make up is the perfect match for Glam Affair’s gorgeous Monica skin in Light 06.  Hela has wrapped up this outfit with black ::PiCHi:: suede booties, Morantique Aura earrings and Black LoQ hair.  This is one look you won’t want to be without this season!!

Thank you Izabelicia, Helen and Hela!!!


RUN 11


Dramatic designs and scrumptious skins is what you can expect from designer Aida Magic of Glam Affair is known for and her designs will leave you wanting more!!!

Welcome back Anastacia Markova in Glam Affair’s Elanor design.  This full piece lace bodysuit is layered over black hot pants and decorated with sculpted shoulders and collar.  The elaborate face mask has a poof of lace adorning the top making it look like a fancy avante garde hat.   The dark black lips are Glam Affair’s SofiaV2 in light 01.  What a dramatic look and Anastacia looks stunning in it!!!

Luralie Bailey looks ready to dance the night away in Glam Affair’s Saba.  The jet black bodysuit has an open bodice design that adds to the dramatic effect of this creation.  The elaborate collar balances out the sleek lines of the body suit.  Luralie’s glowing skin is compliments of Glam Affair’s Monica Dark 06.  Luralie harmonized the outfit with Green ::PiCHi:: Blair Suede Booties, Morantique Pin Paun Earrings and Black LoQ hair in Mocha.

Fun and flirty couture is what Petra 13 Cortes is showing us in Glam Affair’s Mila dress the midnight black dress is fitted in the bodice that covers only one breast the other is covered with a decorative pasty.  The bodice is fitted through the hips and then balloons into a micro-mini balloon skirt that is layered over a pair of vibrant purple tights with bubbles up the left leg.  Finishing off this racy ensemble is Glam Affair’s Jadis skin in Light 09, with ::PiCHi:: blair suede booties in White Zebra, Morantique Miranda Earrings and Aura Ring with Dark Bond Risretto LoQ hair.

Thank you Anastacia, Luralie and Petra 13!!!


RUN 12


Our last designer today is [sYs] by Systi Cisse and Syane Cisse showing us Cyber Couture at its best!  If you have never experienced their innovative designs sit back and enjoy this set!!

Oh la la! Annough Lykin returns to the runway to delight us in spicy Moulin Rouge inspired gown.  PARYS has the feel of a Victorian gown that has been updated in a way only [sYs] can achieve.  The splendid strapless dress has a vertical hemline that is layered over the decorative white petticoat and the addition of the supple fur bolero brings this gown into the future.  She has chosen [sYs] POGO boots with a color HUD and  [sYs] Skin Bauta – Purple in pale.   Annough frosted her look with Morantique Lush Avangarda necklace, Adria earrings, Avangarda bracelet and Adria ring.  Annough looks totally stimulating in this number.   Hold onto your hearts boys!!

Looking fabulous in Avante Garde glam we have BlackBarbie Bravin in [sYs]’s Agrypine gown in black sculpted into an innovative ball gown skirt that compliments the fitted bodice perfectly.  Complemented by the ornate shoulder designs that turns this formal gown to a high-tech sophisticated work of art that you will love to wear!!  To complete the look BlackBarbie is wearing [sYs]’s EQUINOXE head ornament in blue and [sYs]’s skin in pale.   BlackBarbie will be making many new friends in this set!!


One of my favorite designs [sYs] has created to date is Atome and Saleena Hax is looking fierce as she takes command of the runway.  The lustrous black cat suit is striking with the electric blue details.  Corseted at the waist with a strong latex corset that flows down into a spectacular glowing skirt!  The elaborate headpiece with electric blue glowing spikes flowing dramatically from it and matching visor will have her turning every head in the ship.

Thank you Annough, BlackBarbie and Saleena!!



Please give another a huge round of applause for our amazing designers

BAIASTICE by Sissy Pessoa

Boudoir by Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless

Glam Affair by Aida Magic

Kim Wardrobe Collection by Kimberly Flagon

Peqe by Inex Hax

PIDIDDLE by Brutus Martinek

Ricielli by Fhara Ricielli

SOURCE by Oliviah Inglewood

[sYs] by Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse

The Niven Collection by Scarlett Niven

The Secret Store by Maylee Oh.

ViLada by Belen Clarrington 

LoQ Hair designed Gia Pawpad

Bare Sensual designed by Gigi Ponnier

ROZENA designed by Lindsay Rozen

LPD skins designed by Nevery Lorakeet

::PiCHi:: by Zxxrysa Magic

Morantique Lush by Mo Miasma

We welcome back all of our models to the runway for a final glance at these tremendously sexy, vibrant, and enchanting designs!!!

Petra 13 Cortes  

Anastacia Markova   

Annough Lykin   

Luralie Bailey   

BlackBarbie Bravin   

Hela Azalee    

Helen Zhora   

Saleena Hax   

Izabelicia Lemton   

Saleena Hax   

Izabelicia Lemton   

None of this would be possible without our amazing owners and Staff!  Let’s here another round of applause for IMA Co-owner Ananya Mai and show producer,  Mo Miasma Founder of Liberty City and Designer of Morantique Lush, Taellinu Aichi IMA Inc Model Manager,  DJ Justice Topaz and Script Writer Federica Galtier.  Again we cannot forget the incredible Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto for the amazing set which rumour has it.. could be on the market shortly so please watch this space!

We look forward to seeing you again at our next IMA Production. Please stop by Liberty City Stores and pick up some of these amazing designs showcased here today!  Visit Liberty City by catching this limo  More information on IMA Inc maybe be found at

Stay fabulous!!!

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