Pray for Japan with Passion and dance pulsing through my viens!!


As you know, on March 11th 2011 a 9.0 magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami hit the north coast of Japan destroying everything in its way. A once beautiful country is now in ruins with a radioactive contamination problem on the rise due to the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Over 7,000 people are dead and many more still missing. Families are torn apart and still searching for their love ones with a lack of supplies still trying to reach the temporary shelters as we speak.

As an earthquake ridden country, Japan has won our respect for their unity and stoicism. Despite being faced with such crisis, they behaved in a calm and orderly manner. With such quiet determination, it spurs and inspires us with strength to deal with any crisis in our life.

Let us do our part to help rebuild Japan.  Therefore, join us in the Fundraiser Campaign – PRAY FOR JAPAN where all sales proceeds will go to Red Cross Japan directly. The charity drive will commence on Monday 22 March 2011 for 1 month till 22 April.  – 

Moto Teebrook
Owner, Club Zain

Moto Teebrook

The Pasarella Fashion Sim is answering this call by hosting a 2 day event with back to back DJS oh yeah!!  The following designers on Pasarella Sim have put out incredible outfits for which its sales goes towards to the worthy purpose:

1. ROZENA – Lindsay Rozen
2. sYs – Mayumi Sugarplum, Syane Cisse & Systi Cisse
3. Hucci – Eboni Khan
4. Boudoir – Precious Restless
5. Vikeejeah Xevion
6. [ m ] – Joy laperriere & Magnifico Miggins
7. Rico Plisskin – Alphotic Gloom
8. Celestinas – Shinya Tandino
9. Addict-Kianna Noel
10. Mojo – Ethan74 Rumpler
11. Mandala – kikunosuke eel
12. Flawless Skins – Kira Paderborn

Come on down!  I am here getting my groove on to the slickest tunes in the Metaverse!! tp tp tp

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