IMA Inc and Liberty City Fashion Sim

IMA Inc and Liberty City Fashion Sim

Offical Press Release

For Immediate Release
10 April 2011

PR Contact:  Ananya Mai via NC only.
IMA Inc and  Liberty City Fashion Sim proudly presents a spring extravaganza like none other.

When:  Saturday, 30 April 1pmslt
IMA Inc and Liberty City are holding an exclusive event where we take you through the beautiful creations of the designers on this beautiful sim made by the talented Mo Miasma.

The incredibly talented builders Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto from Abiss will be making a  custom made build for this landmark show.

It will be strictly invitation to the event and will be distributed next week.   The sim will be closed to the public. 

Should  wish to register your interest to hold  a place among the beautiful distinguished  guests, please contact Ananya Mai immediately via nc.

Ananya Mai and Francesca Galtier
The Designers on Liberty City are:

1.    -Glam Affair-
2.    Loq Hair
3.    Kim Wardrobe Collection
4.    SOURCE – Where Hip Hop Fashion Begins
5.    Vita’s Boudoir
6.    ViLada 
7.    Peqe 
10.  Ricielli
11.    .::PiCHi::.
12.    ROZENA
13.    [sYs]
14.    The Niven Collection
15.    The Secret Store
16.     Bare Sensual
17.  Ithaca

 Tp Here to Liberty City

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