New Releases at Boudoir *sings under the sea*

Oh what a joy it is to have SL and the ability to morph our shapes and skin into virtually anything!  This is why I love Vita’s Boudoir so much.  Each outfit is really a unique piece of art.  The sisters are really quite incredible.  Today I am showing off the new releases and even had a swim at Vita’s Garden which is just surreal.  Check out her garden here

Sweet Nymphe skins by Vita’s Boudoir tp

Fishing for Compliments by Vita’s Boudoir tp

Sirena hair coral! by Vita’s Boudoir tp

Ananya Mai, Vita’s  Boudoir, Vitabela™ (vitabela.dubrovna), Precious (precious.restless), Second Life Fashion, Fashionfeedofsl, Second life, Virtual fashion world, Mermaids, Virtual mermaid.

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