Aleida is having facials! Grab yourself a bargain!

Facials for Aleida!

Aleida is performing a deep cleanse of her Vega, Valentin and Ingrid Skin!  During this cleansing process Aleida has reduced their prices to clear for 3 days only!  After this they will not be sold in-world FOREVER! get them in-world for 100 L per skin – or fatpack 500 L!!!!

Soo, grab your virtual purses and head over now before they are come off the inworld

Tp here

But do not fear!  Aleida has been busy with her brushes and will be unveiling her exotic new line shortly and all for the worthy Pacific Crisis Fundraiser where 100% of raised funds goes back into heaing Japan.  The skin in the making is called Sumiko which is 100% adorable!  tp here
Whats included in the Sumiko – “Help Japan” skin?

 8 skins with cleavage, dark & light eyebrow and hairbases optional.

Also wearing Tukinowaguma Sabrina hair tp here

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