Press Release: IMA International Model Agency and Pasarella

International Model Agency and Pasarella Moves Forward together

Official Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

 1 April 2011

PR CONTACT: Ananya Mai

 Hello All! We are pleased to announce that IMA is rebranding in 2011!! We are also thrilled that IMA is no longer going at it alone, but we are now in calibration with the prestigious Pasarella. IMA and Pasarella are moving forward together with more shows, more contests and more sponsorships than ever before. We are pleased to have already found our interim home. until further notice, IMA will be taking residence in the home of Pasarella. Landmark to be distributed shortly.

Make sure you look out for updates requesting a huge cast for a landmark show in the marking.

The stage is almost ready for launch and we are very excited. As part of moving forward, we are also going to need a fresh look that is distinctly IMA. We are asking you as our valued community to help us design our new logo. We ask that all logos sent through first and fore mostly encapsulate what you believe IMA is all about, it us as a community that make IMA what it is today .

All submissions will be greatly appreciated and the winning logo will win a whopping $6000L!

 Get your artistic hats on and submit your entries to me no later than 15 April 2011. One final thing that I would like to reaffirm to everyone regarding IMA is that we still stand for what we did when we first started:

 – Being a community that comes together to celebrate fashion.

 – A place for all to share knowledge. and most importantly

 – Providing an environment for models of all skills levels and all levels of interest to be involved, and most importantly…. enjoy being involved.

 Thankyou all and we look forward to bringing you more news shortly!

Ananya Mai

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