Pasarella <3


Pasarella fiercely presented the incredible designs of Guarded Cross, Violator, SYS, 3636, Mea Culpa, Finesmith, Vita’s Boudoir, Donna Flora, and HOX. 3636—Dianny3636 Aeon Guarded Cross—ryosukito felisimo HOX–Vikeejeah Xevion Donna Flora– Squinternet Larnia SYS – Syanne Cisse and Systi Cisse FineSmith Designs—Yula Finesmith Mea Culpa–Tatanka Kaligawa Vita’s Boudoir–Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless Violator–Minx Glaz and Soraya Vaher Videographer: Colemarie Soleil (Miss Soliel) Scriptwriter and Host: Xenobia Foxclaw Models: Male Runway Models: • Angelik Lavecchia •Harsch Sharktooth •Winter Jefferson Female Runway Models: •Annough Lykin • Aphrodite Briann •Elyna Carver • Hela Azalee •Heydon Milter • Leandra Breen •Nala Kurka Models for Mea Culpa: •Anastacia Markova •Kay Fairey • Luralie Bailey • Wicca Merlin Pasarella Owner: Francesca Galtier-Blackbart Show Director: Ananya Mai Announcer and scriptwriter: Xenobia Foxclaw

2 Replies to “Pasarella <3”

  1. Puhi says:

    This video was a unique piece for my eyes… It had a intrigng pull to my inner soul…I must compliment the vidoeagrapher and all the models and Bravoo to each designer that contributed to such a fine and magnificent video

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