IMA presents ..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.

Welcome guests. IMA is thrilled to have you here with us today. Our show will begin in a few moments. Just some reminders for those in the audience today: please remove all scripted items such as HUDs, AOs and re-sizable accessories to keep both your arc ( avatar rendering cost) and General lag of the sim to a minimum. This will help our models a great deal during the show.
For Lms to the .::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::..  please touch any of the show signs just above the runway!  The slurl is

IMA is proud to bring you the fierce, in-your-designs of ..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::..  !  Our models are ready to own that runway with the ..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::..  attitude! Our models are backstage and ready to bring you an awesome show! Just another final reminder please remove any lagtastic items like huds, AOs and resize scripted items as the lag our models and we certainly don’t want that 🙂 we are so glad you could make it to our show today.
Also while you will want to show your appreciation to the incredible models, we humbly ask you do not use gestures for this.

For Lms to the .::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::..  please touch any of the show signs just above the runway!  The slurl is


Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for joining the models and staff of IMA today for a wonderful show of a new creative cutting edge designer DATRIP Blackbart.  His designs are edgy, hip, and fun and can be found at his store ..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::..

My name is Cecilia Verrazzano, CEO of IMA and I will be your announcer for today.  We are honoured to able to present this production for your viewing pleasure today!  Make sure have tweaked your audio for ultimate sounds as the designer and architect of ..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::..  DATRIP Blackbart  is also a well respected and sought after SL DJ and will be mixing for us live! Thank you DATRIP!
DATRIP Blackbart is one of Second Life’s freshest and most cutting edge new designers and DJs. With concepts that range from the Sex Pistol’s of England, to the Americana of Marilyn Monroe, his embracement of culture and counter-culture has taken the fashion industry of Second LIfe by storm.  I should also point out that DATRIP has provided gifts as a thank you for coming to this incredible show.  Please look out for the gift bags located in the build and purchase for $0L.
In a time and an industry where the fashion tradition is to conform, DATRIP Blackbart, in his search for freedom and cutting edge style began to create looks that represent him, his concepts, and his love of music. In this he created his own looks, his own style, and in that, his brand ..::..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::.::..
To highlight the urban feel of ..::..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::.::. the stage today was designed after some of the lofts found in central Melbourne, Australia made by the incredibly talented Xtofer Tepper.  We have also placed our awesome mannequins throughout the building, see if you can see them all!
Look for Drew Foresight, Miguel Harsley, Lars Foulsbane , Diana Borgnine, Sophitia Ophelia, Yasmina Lemon, Roselle Amorosi and Spencer Christenson!  We also want to point out and recognise a wonderful fashionista Francesca Galtier who is wearing Breakfast at Tiffany’s by ..::..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::.::.. . Check her out!
Join us in welcoming our models to the stage and we are sure you will love all the patterns, graphics, and creativity you will see today.
Enough with the pleasantries!!  Lets bring out those sexy models proudly presenting ..::..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::.::..

Let’s welcome a lovely group of dancers to the stage.  Our lovely female models for the show today show you the fun and sexy Grunge Ballerina look from ..::..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::.::..
They have been practicing this dance for days now.. Please give them a round of applause while they work that runway together.

What girl does not want to be a ballerina at some time and here Ananya Mai shows us a grown up sassy version of the classic ballerina look.  Decked out in a fuchsia and orange Grunge Etolie look she shows us that X marks the spot.

Heydon Milter shows us her graceful dancer moves in the bright cyan Blue Etoile version.  You have to love the way the corset fits with this and the great bow trim just under the breast.

Here we have another lovely dancer in Candy Etoile.  Genevieve Kamala looks so cute in this neon pink tutu.  You have to love the color and the way the skirt fits low on the hip.  Very cute.

Giada Oh dances onto the stage in her version in Black Etoile.  The ruffle trim at the neck matches the skirt in a repeat pattern of netting.  It gives you a clever twist to the classic black swan look.

Lastly lets welcome Christian Claridge in this sweet White Etoile version.  All of the outfits are pared with cropped pedal pushers that feature a rolled cuff and a bow accent at the knee.  I think the skirts would be great with any tee and combat boots for a fun funky look.
Now they will perform another dance together!  Wonderful

Thank you all lovely dancers.

Now get ready for the rest of the runway models!  We start with  Cyberdawg Foxclaw Foxclaw the Tattooed!
Gritty and urban and ready to hit a bar for a pint with his mates we welcome Cyberdawg Foxclaw Foxclaw to the runway.  What an attitude he has in this Life, Love, Luck Tank.
The graphic tattoo styled pattern on the muscle undershirt work works well with his heavily tattooed body and shows how hard he has worked out in the gym.  He walks with swagger in his low slung Love Eternal jeans. I can certainly feel the heat rising when I see those skulls and hearts fitting tightly over his nice muscled body.
Thank you Cyberdawg

Please welcome Locked Semaphore the DJ!

Pump it up louder and let the volume shake the building says DJ Locked Semaphore in his rocking ..::..::..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.::.::. look.  Locked is the master of rock-n-roll in the DJ Yoda Tank.
Can’t you get see Yoda wobbling around as the music force gets his motor running. Locked is ready to groove to the beat in The Death is a DJ jeans in a monochromatic pattern.  Fit and hip and definitely a look that any DJ would want when he has the club rocking until dawn.
Thank you Locked you rocked!
Introducing Raphael Treves, the Mercenary to our runway!
Gritty and urban and ready to hit a bar for a pint with his mates we welcome Raphael Treves to the runway.  What an attitude he has in this Life, Love, Luck Tank.
The graphic tattoo styled pattern on the muscle undershirt work works well with his heavily tattooed body and shows how hard he has worked out in the gym.  He walks with swagger in his low slung Love Eternal jeans. I can certainly feel the heat rising when I see those skulls and hearts fitting tightly over his nice muscled body.
Thank you Raphael Treves!
Next lined up is  Bloodwain Arun, the Mad Hatter!

Oh my it is getting hotter in here as Bloodwain Arun shows us a look that will certainly make every head turn at the club. Whew!!!  His well muscled and tattooed body sports the Mad Hatter jeans.
These jeans definitely make you feel like there was something else in the pill that made Alice small.  The Madd Hatter peeks out in a colorful image from one leg and the colorful jeans make you look hot and hotter on a wild Melbourne night.
Now our final male runway model is ChristianDavid1 Destiny, the Gambler!  Please welcome him.

ChristianDavid1 Destiny is giving death a stare down in this Ace of Spades jeans.  He knows he is holding all the cards and will come out with the pot of chips at the end of the night.
The jeans are bleached and have a graphic spade pattern the works it’s way across both legs.  The fitted muscle Grey Tank as perfect look to wear with you know you are too cool for school and ready for all the action you can take on.
Brad Pitt only wishes he could look so hot.
Thank you ChristianDavid1!

Now we are going in some of our tough and beautiful models into the mix!
Please welcome Ananya Mai the Pulp Lady and  Cyberdawg Foxclaw, the Preacher!
Pulp Fiction is a classic movie and here ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. has borrowed some of the iconic images for these pieces.
Ananya shows us how cool she is in the Miss Bitch tank top.  Mia was cool as ice and here we see her face in a bold pattern across the MiaWallace low rider jeans that Ananya is wearing.  She was twist the night away and the added leg warmer trim on her left leg with highlight those special dance moves.
Cyberdawg shows us the Pulp Fiction tank with a print of when Jules talks about the mighty hand of the Lord smiting the guys who messed with Marcellus.  Skulls of death dance across the jeans with leering eyes.   Needless to say don’t mess with the Wallace family.  Once again this combination shows us how creativity and cool the designs of ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. are.
Thank you Ananya and Cyberdawg!
Presenting Heydon Milter Brit Punk  and Locked Semaphore as the bad guy!
Sexy and sassy in her brit punk look Heydon shows us the Sex Pistols cropped tee in a bold graphic pattern of red, white, and black.  The top is barely there and her low rider jeans need a belt to hold them up as she shakes her cute butt across the stage in her Indura jeans.  This is one very rocking look and Heydon really shows it off.
Locked Semaphore shows us what a bad dude he is in his tough guy Joker Scarface tank.  This tank features a bold white and gray positive and negative pattern.   The Ripper Black jeans are almost so thin that at any minute he is going to pop out of them.  They are just the kind of jeans that a guy would wear forever until his wife or girl friend finally had enough and threw them out..  mind you.. the hard core chicks just dig these jeans..
Thank you Heydon and Locked!
Now we present Genevieve Kamala as the Hawaiian trip and Raphael Treves as the insane!
Genevieve is a cool opposite to the madness the Raphael portrays in her strapless cropped Water tube top.  The jeans are the feature here and you have to love the way that the strong graphic design of the face plays across them.  The Hawaiian PopArt low rider jeans are bold in their design and feature leg warmers in a cool shade of teal.
A washed out picture of Heath Ledger peers out at you as Raphael struts his stuff down the runway.  The faded black, white, and red bold pattern makes strong impression against his tattooed arms. You can just hear the evil laugh of the joker as Raphael walks into the room.  The Red Ripped jeans are great with tank and bring out the dark foreboding feel of blood and madness that the Joker is so well known for.
Thank you Genevieve and Raphael!
Now ready to entertain us is giada Oh as the PopTART and Bloodwain Arun as the PunkPirate!
Giada is as bold as Bloodwain in her strong black and white patterns.  The strapless cropped tube top is back in black and looks just right with these jeans.  The image of a face peeks out at us from her left leg with a fuzzy leg warmer trim.  The right leg shows us a bright white on the front with the reverse of black as Giada leaves the runway.
Jack Sparrow and his mates would certainly think this one devil of an outfit.  Bloodwain shows us the Punk Pirate with a big skull in neon pink on a grey background.  Can’t you  see this skull floating around under black light like the ghost of pirates past?  Hot on the trail of some buried treasure we see Bloodwain in these Pink Punk jeans.  Boy will they make some one squeal with delight and amazement once again with the fun creative edge that ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. brings you.
Thank you giada and Bloodwain!
Oh wow look at Christian Claridge as the Revival and ChristianDavid1 Destiny as that Funky Guy!
Don’t you just love how creative these designs have been today?  Let’s keep looking at how ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. uses color, graphics, and hip fits to bring us a unique urban look.  Here we see ChristianDavid1 and Christian in some more of these great designs.
With the disco ball flashing across the runway we welcome Christian back in this retro disco look.  The strapless one piece Disco Revival body suit in orange, yellow, and tan skims across her body.  The strapless top has a plunging peek-a-boo opening to show off her curves as she does the hustle on the dance floor.  This is definitely a strong nod to the looks for the late 70s.  For someone who is artsy fartsy this is a look that will rock your world. ChristianDavid1 shows us another fabulous graphic designed tee shirt and jeans combo.  Here we see a white tee with a twist with the strong grey facial design on the front of Grace Vshirt.  The angular lines of Grace Jones face make such a wonderful positive shape and design on this tee.  Creativity abounds in the application of the teal, orange, and maroon colors in the Red Rose jeans are really a strong color combination.
Thank you both for being soo groovy!

Music is a key to the designs found at ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. and here we see Cyberdawg as the Lizard king again along with Ananya as the solider!  think that Ananya could handle any fire Cyberdawg gave her in this Sexy Camo top.  The halter top is barely there with a whisper of coverage on her right breast.  The Indura jeans in camouflage are so low you wonder how low can they go?  They show off her hot bod and bikini that she plans on showing off at the beach while catching Cyberdawg’s eye.  But don’t be caught staring at this little beast.. she looks like she is inclined to blow stuff up..
With a nod to the Aussie summer we see Cyberdawg in the great rolled up Short Black Jeans.  He is ready for a pint of Foster watching all the girls go by.  The image of Jim Morrison can light their fire in this iconic image on the Lizard King tee shirt. His face is a subtle reminder of the designer of ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::.’s love of music and design.  This is a great classic rock look.

Thank you Ananya and Cyberdawg!
Locked as the THE REVOLUTIONIST and Heydon as the romantic vechy back with us again in more exciting pieces for you to admire.

Sweet as sugar can be  we have Heydon in a great summer look. Her strapless cropped white top is looks so clean and crisp.  The belted Low Rise pant in a pink and white calico pattern remind of us of innocence and strawberry ice cream.  This outfit could be worn in so many ways and look fresh no matter what you did.
Locked is back in another version of the Hasta La Vista Siempre Tank this time in khaki, army green, and orange.  This is such a great rocking outfit and would make any guy look so hot!!!  His Che Guevara jeans make the lasting impression that this guy is going to send your world through a new revolution.  You all have to admit that the graphic images that ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. uses and the way they are applied to each outfit are truly unique and special.
Thank you Heydon and Cyberdawg!
Welcome back Genevieve as Purple Disco and Raphael as the Good Fella!
Genevieve certainly has the dance fever in this tee and jean combo.  The Short Shirt Purple Girl tee is a fav in the cropped look with just enough coverage for sweating out a the dance moves.  Her Purple Disco Girl pants have a bold design that looks like the image of Madonna in a pop art graphics.  One leg is trimmed with beading and a fuzzy leg warmer trim.
When I saw this outfit I thought this was a newer version of Vinnie from Saturday Night Live.   You can tell by the way that Raphael uses his walk he’s a woman’s man in the faded muscle The Skulls tee shirt, a new version of Vinnie’s white disco suit.  The dark brooding pattern on the Dominatrix Jeans reveals a subtle monochromatic image imbedded in the jeans.  What a great twist on the ultimate classic of a white tee and a pair of jeans.

Nicely done Genevieve and Raphael!
With much delight we bring back Giada  as the preppy girl and Bloodwain as the player!
Here we see someone who thinks he is a cool dude and someone who is down to earth.  Let’s welcome back Bloodwain and Giada in two more great looks.
Ready to chill and relax and be as sweet as she is Giada shows us the Preppy Girl look.  Her kiss me Im beautiful  tee is another great twist on the classic tee.  The cropped Glitter jeans in a dark pink are so fresh and easy to wear with sandals or boots.  Just throw on a few accessories like Giada has done and you are ready to roll.
Boy the name of this outfit is so right for this look. Urban and cool Bloodwain wears the Player look.  He is a guy who is not going to take no for an answer and it taking prisoners. In the tight fitting red open shirt Bloodwain looks like his muscular body is ready to bust at the seams.  The basic white tee underneath helps to accent the fact that this is one studly body.  Once again pattern is at play on the jean legs in soft tones of red, black, white, and grey.
Thank you Giada and Bloodwain!

Another nod to the fabulous DJ’s here in SL and the heyday of Retro bring us ChristianDavid1 as the DJ God and Christian as the Psychedelic back to the stage again.
Bold in the use of color and pattern we see Christian in this fun retro outfit.  The Psychedelic Red top is clearly inspired by the halter tops of the late 70s with the circle accent as the straps attach to the top and wrap around your neck.  The bold use of color on the top attracts your eyes to the peekaboo cut out.  The belted low Rise Psychedelic pants are a play of different shades of red and white with bright red leg warmers to complete this retro look.
What a great monochromatic look we see on ChristianDavid!  He has really got that rocking DJ style for spinning those tunes in his God is a DJ muscle tee.  Can’t you just feel the bump bump bump of the music as he struts down the stage in the DJ Skull Jeans.  Skulls in a bold black, grey, and white pattern adorn these jeans.  Don’t you think ChristianDavid! looks like the hottest DJ on the grid?

Let’s take one admiring look at the men of IMA  as we welcome each of them back out for a final walk down the runway.
Welcome back Cyberdawgh the Punk!
Mohawks are the hair style for any serious punk fan.  Here we see Cyberdawg sporting a white Punk Skull tee with an image that definitely looks scary.  The jeans are splattered with pattern and bold color of denim, red, white, and black.
Cyberdawg is on the irreverent side of life in his God Save the Queen jeans – a bit of tongue in cheek in his styling.  Another great look for any young hot dude on the grid.
Thank you Cyberdawg.
Heer we have Locked the Wild Child!
Wild Child is the name of the outfit we now see wildness himself in as Locked comes back out on the runway.  The turtle neck sweater is adorned with a graphic of the Joker.
It has a loose collar and cuffs but is fitted in all the right places.  A bit of the scottish lad made it looks like in these Tart jeans.
His clan must be pretty fierce as this look is really smoking on Locked.
Thank you Locked.
Hello again Raphael the Gigolo!
We saw the player earlier in the show and now we see the handsome Raphael as the Gigolo.  It looks like he has a doctorate in the language of love in this open black shirt and makes you go oolala.  His Low Rider jeans in white are tight and snug.
Can’t you see him sitting back at the bar and waiting until some fine prey comes along.
Thank you Raphael you look great.
Welcome back Bloodwain the fallen angel!
Surf is up and Bloodwain looks like he has on his street clothes as he grabs his board to head to the beach.  What a great casual hip look in the Blue Skull tan.
Here again you see the wonderful very talented graphic eye of ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::..  The Blue Skull jean shorts are also decked with the same image that we see on his tee.
So hip and ready for any summer action Bloodwain struts the runway for one last time today… or then again..
Let’s welcome ChristianDavid1the Damned for one last time to the stage today.  The pulse of the designs at ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::. is music and here we see a tribute a true master of the guitar, Jimi Hendrix on the white tank ChristianDavid1 is wearing.
The jeans are also a tribute to another genius who died to young as we see the Jim Morrison jeans. The red in these jeans with the grey is such a strong counter balance.  What great musical talent these two artist were and what great colorful, graphic, urban, gritty designs we see from ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::..
Thank you all so much for joining us today in this great loft from Melbourne to see the models of IMA provide us with a great showing of outfits from the rising star, Datrip Blackbart with ..::..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.::..
Also a huge thanks to our incredible living works of art.. our mannequin models, Drew Foresight, Miguel Harsley, Lars Foulsbane , Diana Borgnine, Sophitia Ophelia, Yasmina Lemon, Roselle Amorosi and Spencer Christenson!
As we welcome back the models for the finale please stop by and buy some of the best looking tees and jeans on the grid from the vendor today.
Lets get those funky models out for the last time!
Ananya Mai – co owner of IMA
Heydon Milter – co owner of IMA
Genevieve Kamala – co owner of IMA
Bloodwain Arun
Christian Claridge
ChristianDavid1 Destiny
Cyberdawg Foxclaw
Locked Semaphore
Raphael Treves!
And last but most certainly not least please welcome  DATRIP Blackbart to our stage!! We salute you DATRIP!!  bars off gestures!!  go for it! Huge applause!
For Lms to the store please touch any of the show signs just above the runway!  The slurl is

Event Photographer: Annough Lykin


..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.

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