{Meghindo’s} ~ Sweetest ~ gown ensamble ~ and oh boy how sweet it is!

{Meghindo’s} ~ Sweetest ~ Prim Gown V1 photographer: Pam Astonia (yayyy this pic is n Meghindo’s Store can i get a woot woot

{Meghindo’s} ~ Sweetest ~ Prim Gown V2

{Meghindo’s} ~ Sweetest ~ Prim Gown V3 (loook at that detail!!)

{Meghindo’s} ~ Sweetest ~ Prim Gown V4

{Meghindo’s} ~ Sweetest ~ Prim Gown V4

Ok ok . have a look at this gown.. Im mean seriously this is a dream.  the flexi are just soo floaty and down right stunning the textures are freaking me out over how realistic and PERFECT they look!  You get four different skirts in the ensebmle and all of which are just breaktaking!! Meghindo Romano the designer of this magnificent ensemble is just blowing my mind.. much respect  ❤

Styling Credits… sorry very basic at this stage but will update with slurl and creator’s name soon:

First photo:  Lara skin and hair from Tukinowaguma photographer: Pam Astonia

Remaining pics I am wearing the new Amber skin from League and hair from MrS*


TP to Meghindo  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Limburg2/110/57/21

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