Photography contest for Vita’s Boudoir!


Photographer: Markski Glom
Vita’s Boudoir needs no introduction!  The magical designs of Vita’s Boudoir has captured many hearts all over the grid.  Boudoir is now offering a fantastic photo contest where the winning photo will appear in the their next advertisement in the infamous AVENUE magazine!  What an incredible opportunity!
The Prizes:
First prize:  L$ 5000  – selected photo will be published in the January edition of AVENUE magazine!!!
Second prize: L$3000
Third prize:  L$2000
Should you wish to submit your entry please follow the following points:
Please join the Vita’s Boudoir  flickr group and  submit a picture of you wearing either the beautiful Vita’s Boudoir Sparkle Monique or stunning Black Plisse dress. In the description, please include your full avatar name and outfit description.
Picture requirements:
1. You must be wearing either Vita’s Boudoir Sparkle Monique or Black Plisse2. Must be png file and no smaller than 2048×1024 pixels full permission.3. No logos or any names.3. Edited pictures may be submitted. tp to store here
Rules of the Competition
1.  Vita’s Boudoir reserves all rights to use submitted pictures as it sees fit (ie promotion material etc)

2.  If you are using the services of a photographer, please ensure you have the appropriate permissions to submit the photo to this contest.  Should your photo be the winning submission, Boudoir’s logo will be placed on the photo.

3. You may submit more than one photo.
DEADLINE:  Photos must be submitted by 15 December 2010.
The winners will be contacted personally and also announced through the Vita’s Boudoir Group in-world.  It is recommended you join this group for the announcement.  It is also a great group as you will receive information and notices about latest releases and group gifts!
Link to group

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