Checking out TTF – Thea Tamura Fashion

Outfit: TTF – DEVIANT 3 – SKIRT OUTFIT tp here

Skin: &Bean – Old Bones C rosy big brows and &Bean – Matte lips Reds

tp here



‘NEW RELEASEAMORE – TRIBUTE TO ALEXANDER MCQUEENTTF ARTWORK 2010It’s cold, it still rains and snows here, but my mind is already projected over this dark and mad athmosphere.The only way for winning it is “to create colors” in my heart, on my body.I feel “color and light” also when I think of Alexander McQueen, the “hooligan” of the fashion world. His light and his colors are in his will and courage to express his imaginary without chains.Swimming upstream is not always simple…you can feel dizzy…but…I like to remember an italian song that says: “dizziness is not a fear of falling, but a desire to fly”.And now Alexander is flying high!’  tp here

Skin: &Bean – Old Bones E tan little brows tp here


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