This Sunday on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, 6pm slt, 21st November! Vita’s is going to be tv again woot SAVE THE DATE

Hyper omg omg omg you simply must tune in and wtach this show! below text from inworld distributed nc

“Watch the Live Taping on line at and join in the discussion. You can also join the chat by joining the Tonight Live withPaisley Beebe group in Second Life the group chat is ported over to the live website and Paisley Watches the live chat during her interviews for questions to her guests. … We are thrilled to have Vitabella Dubrovna from the Design House Boudoir on the show. If you are interested in Fashion in Second Life you would have to be living under a virtual Rock! not to have heard of Boudoir…Simply put…Vita’s Second Life Clothes are Art, they are extraordinary…there is simply nothing like them. They are an absolute wonder of Second Life creativity, but the very interesting thing about this guest and her story is, that she and her sister have a real life Fashion Boutique in Croatia, and are award winning couture designers. Their real life fashion graces the runways of Europe and glossy fashion magazines. One would imagine, that if you are a successful Fashion Designer in real life, with this sort of high fashion exposure, that working and selling clothes in second life would be second best at most…but, here’s the thing, they are selling their couture in real life, from their exposure in Second Life, and we are NOT talking off the rack, we are talking one-off pieces that simply look like they stepped right out of their second Life Store, the funny thing is though, that they started their creations in Second Life, by immitating the clothing in their real life store that were one-off pieces and brought them into  Second Life! Vitabella also designs extraodinary plants in S.L which are also sooo reminicient of her clothes, and is starting to branch out…ahem…into film. With her talent, I have no doubt we are about to see Second Life’s first real life/ Second Life Star, but you cannot call her a break out…she is out! Vitabella will be showing us some recent film from ColeMarie Soleil, and bringing some models to the show who will be wearing her latest creations so get ready for a visual feast!”

Doors open at 5.00pm and not before to conserve lagg during rehersals.Show starts at 6pm slt. Tp here

Ok that is me, I had to blog this dress!! love it!!

Outift: Neon Marylin Vita’s Boudoir tp here

Skin: [dekade.] Skins  -Claire- Light/LB/Hair/Make Up 07 (not sure if this is still available as I believe its closed) by Kira Ahn

Hair: booN JPN670 hair blonde tp here

Shoes: SLink Paloma Point Ballet Slippers  tp here


Outfit: Ripley chic black dress Vita’s Boudoir tp here

Skin: * Baiastice-Pulchra-peach-make up20 tp here

Hair: Miamai_Dem_Black tp here

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