Cleo Couture Show featuring Aleida and Finesmith – Friday 12 November 2010

Wow the Cleo Couture was hit and I thought I’d paste the script below for those who were messaging me to increase the avi count for our sim lol  A huge thank you to Cleo Couture for the opportunity to showcase your vibrant and vivacious designs.  Kudos to  Aleida for providing our models with their skins and Finesmith for drenching us with their gems of dazzle! The outfits were full of life and gorgeousness.. the skins were divine and the jewelry stunning, the IMA models flawless.  We had all the right ingredients for the most awesome show (Script written by Vikeejeah Xevion, edited by moii and Heydon Milter)  More photos can be found here here

Photopraghy  by Tillie Ariantho and and bela Follet

Tp to Cleo Couture here

Tp to Aleida: tp here

Tp to Finesmith here

“Welcome guests. IMA is thrilled to have you here with us today. Our show will begin in a few moments. Just some reminders for those in the audience today: please remove all scripted items such as HUDs, AOs and re-sizable accessories to keep both your arc ( avatar rendering cost) and General lag of the sim to a minimum. This will help our models a great deal during the show.

IMA is proud to bring you the stunning, incredible and masterful designs of Cleo Couture. Our models are backstage and ready to bring you an awesome show! Just another final reminder please remove any lagtastic items like huds, AOs and resize scripted items as the lag our models and we certainly don’t want that 🙂 we are so glad you could make it to our show today.
My name is Cecilia Verrazano and I am the CEO of IMA and will be your host for this evening, I should point out that I am wearing Cleo Couture Red Velvet touches, Ingrid skin by Aleida and Chloe’s hallucination earrings and necklace by Finesmith.  Also please ensure your music player is on as we have an incredible talent ChelseaMarie Noel singing live for us today.

A little about our designer. Cleopatra Xigalia has been designing clothes in SL for a very long time and has really evolved as a designer. Her creativity, imagination and style truly shine through her work. Today Cleo is an established designer with an impeccable collection you will see here today with styles for both men and women. IMA models is proud to bring you  Cleo Couture!!!
Our models are wearing the beautiful newly released  I Aleida I Ingrid skins and frosted with gems from Finesmith. Thank you Aleida and Yula for sponsoring the show with your fabulous items.
Please welcome Emma and CJ to the runway wearing Strawberry Martini and a Royal Navy Officer’s uniform.
Emma introduces the women’s collection to us in a vibrantly bold way strutting the catwalk in this beautiful pink and red one shoulder cocktail dress .
CJ is a very hot man in uniform in his black and white naval officer suit complete with hat and bow tie.
The Strawberry Martini dress is complete with adorable short ruffle cuffed gloves and purple laced stockings for a playful yet sexy appeal. The accessories coordinate beautifully with  the multi colored flowers that adorn her chest and shoulder.  Emma is also wearing I Aleida I Ingrid Light Brown Smoke skin.
CJ is her gentlemanly escort to whatever party she is attending and who can resist a navy captain? His jacket features authentic navy shoulder details, a sleek silver lapel  and gold cuffs. His pants continue the gold features with a racer stripe on either leg in a form fitting straight leg style.
Thank you Emma and CJ for  bringing us these outstanding creations.
Next we have Miria and Clark in Cosmo and Haute! Metalic tuxedo in blue
Mira is certainly out of this world in Cosmo! This sparkling mini dress hugs her curves on touches of gold pink and purple and blue.  Miria is also wearing Aleida Ingrid Magneta smokey skin and Finesmith – Earrings and Bracelets Collection O3 on Gold/Platinum with Topaz.
Clark is just as futuristically chic in his metallic tux with coordinating shoes and titanium metal tie.
Cosmo certainly shines bright with its vivid colors and ball room dance hemline beckoning a night on the town. The metallic suit pairs perfectly with Cosmo with an equally flattering shine and attention grabbing allure.
Thank you Miria and Clark for dazzling us with these fantastic ensembles.
Next we have Annette  in pistachio and Chance in Haute! Tuxedo Midnight Blue
Annette  is astonishing in this green empire waisted cocktail dress. The strapless neckline flatters her shoulders pulling your eye up to the matching hat.  Annette is also wearing I Aleida I Ingrid SUNKISS – Rouge skin and Finesmith Tension Collection Finesmith Jewelry necklace, earring and bracelet.
Chance us the epitome of sophistication in this deep blue tux with a silver vest and black pants. Very chic and classy for the man who wants all eyes on him.
The flirty a-line of the flexis on pistachio keep the dress fun while the gold sash and  feather detail in the headpiece give this dress a touch of glamour. The Haute! Tux is indeed Haute! And the slim royal blue tie is the ultimate symbol of regality.
Thank you Annette  and Chance for showcasing these lovely creations.
Coming to the runway we have Genevieve in Girly and CJ in the Crème Tux with Color Change Flower
Gene is simply precious in this aptly named dress with adorable black accents and a great swing to the flexis.
CJ is understated yet very handsome in this Crème tuxedo jacket with Color Change Flower on the lapel
The subtle pink hue of the girly dress give it a sense of innocence while the black bow allows for easy accessorizing of a classic color combination. CJ keeps is simple and classic in his tux which pairs perfectly with his runway partners ensemble.
Thank you Genevieve and CJ you both look amazing.
Welcome to the runway Heydon in Deco Doll and  Clark in Haute! Metalic tuxedo
Heydon is stunning in this versatile sparkling champagne colored dress. The sequin details on the bust and flexi prims glitter in the light.
Clark is luminous in his Haute! Metalic tuxedo. The iridescent gold, bronze and brass attract all eyes to this amazing suit.
Deco Doll can be worn as a short cocktail dress, mid-length dress of Double tiered curve hugging gown. The metallic tuxedo is the perfect accompaniment to the deco doll dress with an equally stunning shine for a perfect night on the town.
Thank you Heydon and Clark you both are true stars in these designs.
Please welcome Ananya in Autumnal  Sunsets and Chance in in the Classic Black Tuxedo.
Ananya is a vision of autumnal beauty in this multi colored cocktail dress paired with a great fall trend bright colored tights.  Ananya is wearing I ALEIDA I Ingrid sunkissed autumn smoke skin and Finesmith Jewelry GLANCE earrings and Finesmith greek bracelet.
Chancewain is classically chic in this black tuxedo with red accents. Red is the ultimate power symbol and he certainly wears it well.
The high collar, empire waist and full skirt of the autumnal sunsets dress are perfectly complemented by the long black evening gloves and the turquoise tights bring out the hints of the same color n the dress. The classic black tux pair well with the dress and the red accents also bring out the reds in her dress. A great pairing.
Thank you Ananya and Chance for a ravishing showcase.
Next to the runway we have Emma in the Gown Lapis

Emma seems to float down the runway in this beautiful dress. The pattern is reminiscent of a Versace silk scarf and the handkerchief hemline keeps this dress casual . The bands of beige and cream decorating the shoulder sash are like butter and whipped topping. Simply delectable.
The flow of this dress is immaculate. The movement it creates with the beautiful blue white and beige is like watching the waves at a beach dance along the sandy shore against a horizon of pure white clouds.  Emma’s make up is IAleida I Ingrid Sunkiss Magenta Smoke and she is also wearing Earrings from Finesmith Oxygen from the O Collection.
Thank you very much Emma you are a vision of loveliness.
Next to the runway is Miria in Ala Orange which is oh so Ala gorgeous.
This gown is absolutely incredible. The tropical orange on this trumpet style skirt is extraordinary. The flow of the flexis give the illusion of a goddess emerging from behind silk and chiffon curtains. The attention to detail continues in the bodice. The pattern is speckled with blues and soft oranges that continue on the long gloves included with the gown. Miria is also ALEIDA – Ingrid Tan – nude skin and  Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets Collection  IDIOMA on Gold and Aquamarine.

The final touch of glamour is the beautiful flexi arm band with the same pattern from the gloves and bodice. The cut out on the torso gives an air of sex appeal while still maintaining class and grace.
Thank you Miria you look like a dream in this gown. Excellent!
Coming to the runway now is Annette in Peacock Rising
This dress is sure to make the woman who wears it the center of the evening. The bold peacock pattern and colors imply that this woman commands attention just as the bird from which these vibrant feathers came from. The bold blue hat is striking finished with one feather. A true statement piece. Annette is also wearing I Aleida I Ingrid SUNKISS – Rouge skin and Finesmith Jewelry Idioma necklace, earrings and bracelet.
This two-piece ensemble complete with long gloves and legging is a show stopper indeed. The large train of peacock feathers is a nod to the bird it is inspired from. I almost expect candy to fan her plumage for all to adore!
Thank you very much Annette for this illustrious display of fabulousness!
Please welcome Genevieve in Rio by Black Ribbon.
Black Ribbon is a chic gown with a deep tone on tone robin detail cascading down the skirt and crisscrossing the bodice of this sophisticated gown. The strapless bodice is beautifully complemented by the gunmetal grey and muted brass ribbons of shimmering color skimming the flexis finished off with a black trim at the hem of the voluminous skirt.  Genevieve is also wearing ALEIDA Ingrid Sunkissed Magneta Skin and Finesmith Dimension Necklace and earrings with H20 Ring.
This dress would be a vision on the dance floor. Twirling and spinning the pattern of luxurious fall colors.  I am sure the owner of this gown will agree as well.
Thank you very much Genevieve you look wonderful============================================================Walk 11 Single
Next we have Heydon in the Signature Gown
This lovely black and white one shoulder gown is accompanied by a lovely southern belle hat with a sheer flowing scarf tied to the base. The gown seems to dance on its own with every twist and turn of the hips. This gives any woman who is wearing this gown a soft feminine allure.
The sheer flexis and pattern of the gown give this dress classic flare. Very reminiscent of old  Hollywood movies. This gown is a true representation of the brand and is appropriately names signature.
Thank you very much Heydon this a truly stunning gown.
Next to the runway we have Ananya in Seductress
This gown is a glorious strawberry champagne color with shimmering beaded detail and a sheer bodice for added allure yet subtle and tasteful. The gown has full coverage with long sleeves ruffled cuffs and a full flowing mermaid style skirt.
Topping off the look is a sweet small hat that mimics the ruffles cuffs. This gown is very 20s which is very hot this season. A truly classic style and classic gown for any wardrobe.  Ananya is wearing I ALEIDA I Ingrid Sunkissed nude smoke and Finesmith jewelry Heart attack collection necklace.
Thank you Ananya you look magnificent.
Please welcome back Emma in Aubergine
We are heading to the east in Aubergine. This Indian inspired gown is a nod to belly dancers in Indian nightclubs. The belly dancer is a seductive beauty with sexy moves which are showcased in a hip hugging skirt with flowing fabric. This ensemble does exactly that with gorgeous gold details on the trim of the skirt and in the bodice of this cropped top featuring long gloves.  Emma is wearing IAleida I Ingrid Tan, Magenta Smoke and -Finesmith Idioma Silver texture with diamond gems earrings.
The deep purple hue is the perfect complement to the gold accents. If she were a belly dancer she would lead the troop for sure. A divine creation.
Thank you Emma for the presentation of the fantastic design.
Please welcome back to the runway Miria with China Girl
Here we are in the east again with China Girl. A ravishingly feminine gown and optional mini dress. This gown is an incredible halter design with gold floral pattern and an umbrella for an added cultural flare. Miria is also wearing ALEIDA – Ingrid LIGHT – rouge skin and Finesmith Earrings and Necklace Collection DIMENSIONS on Gold/Platinum and Diamond.
This gown/mini can be worn for a night out on the town in a club or as a lovely evening or elegant event dress so the options and versatility make this dress a real winner. And the deep pink color is a lovely shade for many skin types.
thank you very much  Miria you look absolutely stunning. =========================================================== walk 15 Single Please welcome back Annette in Starry Night Starry Night is a glorious gown with a deep vany blue color along with gold and diamond accents mimicking a shimmering night sky of stars. The skirt is unique with  a one leg design and hip cut outs.  Annette is also wearing I Aleida I Ingrid SUNKISS – rouge skin and the earrings that comes complimentary with the outfit.
The cropped top features a Mandarin collar giving this gown an eastern inspired feel. The jeweled details on the chest and back are masterfully done and the full skirt swings beautifully as you walk.A truly special gown with a distinctive look and feel of royalty, sex appeal and grace.
Thank you Annette once again for a stunning presentation
Please welcome Genevieve in Rio by Cleo
Inspired by the colors of the Rio Grande in South America this gown is a burst of color that would con jure a fiesta the moment it is seen. The trumpet style skirt and puff sleeves give a great voluminous quality to this gown and the ruffle sleeves make me want to get up and dance ! Genevieve is also wearing Aleida Ingrid Light Rough Skin and Finesmith Droid necklace, earrings and ring.
Finishing this gown is an optional hat with a beautiful long blue feather . The tiled colored pattern seems to dance across the skirt and bodice of the entire gown. I dare anyone wearing this dress not to want to spin, twirl and dance the night away.
Thank you Genevieve for showcasing this festive design.

Next coming back to the runway we have Heydon in Chancey Goth
The  female vampiress of the night is approaching in the deep Chance red gown. A hauntingly beautiful creation with etched satin details , a deep v for vampiress and a full regal collar the fans her back and frames her glorious face.
Her puff sleeves and long deep red gloves complete this glamorous yet frightening gown. I wouldn’t run away from this striking beauty if I saw her in a dark hallway.
Thank you very much Heydon for this stunning showcase
Please welcome back to the runway Ananya in Autumnal  Sunsets Gown
What a lovely way to bring back autumn than with the gown version of the previous cocktail dress. This halter style gown with a high collar and flirty Double tiered empire waist is a chic and beautiful tribute to fall.  Ananya is also wearing Finesmith greek bracelet and I ALEIDA I Ingrid sunkissed – magenta smoke skin.
Paired with long black gloves this flowy printed wonder will wow any onlooker. The  pattern of this gown pulls in all of the transitional colors of the fall from the start of the leaves changing colors to the very end of the transition just before the winter show begins to fall. All in all and terrific gown for a special evening with your special someone.
Thank you very much Ananya.
Welcome to the runway once again Emma in Penelope
This 2 piece gown  has many beautiful details including the silver scrollwork in the back of the bodice, the rouching on the bias across the front of the bodices and sheer sashes flowing from the armband and back of the skirt.  Emma is wearing Aleida I Ingrid Sunkiss, Pink Smoke skin and Lulu’s Melody in silver texture with diamond gems  by Finesmith.
The skirt is fastened by a silver button  allowing a little extra v of midriff to  show. Finally the soft pink chiffon flexis swing gracefully with every step our model takes.
Fantastic Emma. Thank you very much============================================================Walk 20 Single
Returning to the runway we have Miria wearing the 1955 Glamour Gown and  Swim Suit
Get ready to bring some retro glam to the beach and the ballroom in this gown. The base of the gown is a fantastic black and white shorts style full coverage swim suit. The bodice features and bow tied with a rose fluorite and is made into a glamorous evening ensemble with long black gloves and a long flowing cascade of sheer black and while stripes flexis.  Miria is also wearing  ALEIDA – Ingrid II sunkiss – freckles skin and Finesmith – Necklace and Earring Collection HALLUSINATIONS on Gold/Platinum and Diamond.
The skirt has an open side for sexy leg exposure. The flexis tier into more volume as the gown reaches the floor. The final touch of class is the white hat that can be worn for both the beach and the evening formal event. 100% glam and versatility.
Thank you so much Miria you look perfectly stunning
Back with us again we have Annette in bejeweled gown solo
There is so much beauty in this next design a lovely metallic blue gown that stands alone in its glory. Adorned with a white fur stole and long evening gloves this gown has a simple chic feel that is understated style at its best. Annette is also wearing I Aleida I Ingrid SUNKISS – rouge skin  and Finesmith Kagami Earrings – Silver with opal gems.
This gown is also adorned with deep blue jewels and silver accents along the skirt and bodice. Perfectly bejeweled for its namesake.  Ladies grab this beauty now!
Thank you Annette you look amazing

Please welcome back to the runway Ananya in Mariposa
Watch as the butterflies dance along this gown. Mariposa is a magnificent creation of iridescent pearl satin, gold trim details and beautiful butterflies adorning the arms as if to take our model for a ride through the sky.  Ananya is is wearing ALEIDA I Ingrid LGHT  cold skin and Finesmith O collection-03 Earrings and Finesmith Chloe’s Hallusinations- necklace.
Mariposa features long evening gloves , a glorious headpiece and shorter full flexis at the front of the skirt for added interest. This gown finishes with a subtle train leaving onlookers wanting more.
Thank you Ananya for a beautiful presentation and don’t forget your adoring butterflies!!
Once again please welcome Genevieve in White Peacock
What an incredible take on the peacock trend. This gown is a sleek mermaid style skirt with bold printed black and white peacock print repeated in the high couture collar that flows into puff sleeves that end just above the elegant long evening gloves.   Genevieve is also wearing Aleida Ingrid Light Magneta Skin with Finesmith Energy earring, H20 necklace and ring.
The bodice features cut outs on either side of the waist and a highly detailed pattern of silver and soft grays. This gown is ultimately couture and dramatic without being overly so.
Thank you Gene for a stunning presentation
Our final models today are Heydon in wedding at Tiffany’s and Clark in Haute! Silver Tuxedo
For the nontraditional bride this gown is a show stopping phenomenon! The enormous ball gown skirt features traditional white lace trim while the strapless bodice is a metallic spectacle of perfect rouching with a silver waistband finished with a sweet ribboned bow
Clark shines as well in his silver tux as the bionic groom. His clean white tuxedo shirt and silver tie a unique twist on traditional wedding attire.
Finally the bride and groom are at one and her lace veil exposes a stunning face. Clark is a lucky man
Thank you both for a truly special final walk
Once again we would like to thank Cleo Couture for trusting IMA to present her incredible collection. We would like to take this time to welcome back our models starting with the IMA owners:
And our fabulous IMA models:
Annette & CJ
Miria & Chance
Emma & Clark
And last but most definitely not least our talented designer Cleopatra Xigalia!
Thank you for coming out today for our show. We hope you enjoyed yourself. I have been your hostess Cecilia Verrazzano and this has been an IMA production. Thank you and have a pleasant day.

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