You are invited! IMA presents Cleo Couture Friday, 12 November 2010 4pmslt

International Model Agency
Official Press Release

11 November 2010

PR CONTACT: Ananya Mai via NC only.

IMA proudly presents

“Cleo Couture” showcasing the vibrant designs of CLEOPATRA Xigalia

When: Friday, 12 November, 4pmslt
You are cordially invited to attend a show where your eyes will feast on the stunning designs by CLEO Couture … and your ears will serenaded by the lovely live vocals of ChelseaMarie Noel.

An incredible custom set has been purpose built and you will feel immersed in the settings of fall with all of its wonderful colours… and … if you look closely.. you may even find Cleo and Ceasar playing in the stunning garden…

Do not miss this show!!

The beautiful IMA models will also be wearing the beautiful newly released I ALEIDA I Ingrid skins and frosted with gems by FINESMITH.

“CLEO Couture by CLEOPATRA and Ceasar Xigalia

we are the co owners, partners in sl, and married in rl

We started making togas and ancient world clothes in sl and then decided to also give making dresses and gowns a try.. and .. we liked it.

We have a shop in portabello that sells our togas and silks and armor and things.. several shops in ancient world roleplay sims and now the Village of Feyador. where CLEO Couture the casual collection, HAUTE!! Runway! and Risque Business live in the setting of a small town with three churches a tiny waterfront and a linden road”

Check out Cleo Couture now !! tp here

TP to Aleida here:

TP to Finesmith here:


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