Vita’s Window in World 31 October 2010

Good afternoon everyone. You all look so lovely and glamorous out there. We are just about to start however while we wait, we ask that you remove your AOs and huds and try to reduce your arc to as low as possible so you may enjoy this show in comfort and to also assist our models. We thank you for your cooperation.
“My name is Preciouss, Director of IMA and I will be your announcer for today.  Boudoir and IMA extends a warm welcome to everyone here and is honored to present this show to you all today.  It gives us much joy that you are all here today.  Our wonderful sponsors for the evening are  Redgrave, [!SyDS! Hair] and Morantique.  The lovely tunes will be provided by our DJ Clark Mactavish.

As you are all aware we are here to witness some of the incredible pieces of Boudoir. While the label Boudoir needs no introduction, its worth while to talk about how SL has been graced with their content contribution.

In the lag free world Boudoir was founded in September 2001, the uniquely creative sisters Morana Saračević and Martina Čičko-Karapetrić became pioneers of the Croatian fashion scene, which has recently been attracting ever increasing attention of the wider public and the media. Their unique fashion signature of interweaving fabrics and an original play of volume have made them the most recognizable fashion brand in the country.

In the virtual realm Boudoir celebrated its first year anniversary in world on the 10th October 2010 and has produced some of the amazing gowns in SL. Boudoir produces more than beautiful gowns I might add. They produce sophistifaction with the essence of mystery, fantasy and intrigue which leaves us all wanting more.

I should also point out that I too am wearing a Boudoir design called Esibelle. Without further adieu, lets bring out our IMA models and prepared to be dazzled by this larger than life show. We now present a glimpse into Boudoir’s “Window in World…”


Be sure to check out the video that Vita made with the IMA models click here

Photographer: Annough Lykin (show pics) Group pics by Vita Dubrovna

Script by moii  ^^  to view the full script please visit International Model Agency blog here

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