Vintage Kitsch Mai way

This is what I pulled together for the “Finesmith Style about..” week2..

I was asked to blog it by a few people so here it is..  🙂



This genre is one that I simply adore.  Today I drifted away from the usual bright contrasting colours found in kitsch and pulled colours that debuted in the current Dior Fall range.  While I have maintained a colour theme which in my mind don’t clash, in pursuance of the Kitsch touch I have teamed up pieces not traditionally worn together with a pinch of subtle cheekiness.  My look is inspired by Dolly Kei  Dolly Fashion which incorporates a number of layers and kitsch  items into an outfit  to create a dreamy vintage  doll look.
I am wearing a wonderful vaudevillian fur bolero from couverture*, the shirt is from {Pink} Doll by Rotten Toe, my bow collar is from the infamous *COCO*_BowShirt, the outrageous skirt is called Romantic Soliloquy Hoop Skirt and undergarments also from same outfit from Paper Couture, over the knee ruffle socks from *GF* , stunning heels called “Koaniani”`elua stripe pink stripe from  R2 fashion and lace gloves by Flame.  I have frosted this outfit with the incredible gems of Finesmith being the Finesmith Kitsch couture- Bracelet.  I should also point out that I snuck on a Oriente ring from Donna Flora.  My hair is adorned with Pretty headpiece white  lace by Vita’s Boudoir.


(beside first pic, the sneak attack pics by Markski Glom)

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