*Outside The Lines* Pret-A-Porter by Wild Style – Call for Couture Festival

Oh gosh Im going gaga over this outfit by Wild Style.  The customer service of Wild Style is second to none.   The owner April Looming is just gorgeous has was very helpful. Her wonderful staff were also so friendly and really gave me the impression that … they really cared!

Permissions: I make everything transferrable, no copy.  If you prefer the other way around (copy, no transfer) it’s not a problem!  I’ll be happy to do that for you, no extra charge.  I make things transferrable for easy gifting.  If you’re worried about ruining a no-copy prim item, don’t worry!  I will replace any no-copy transferrable item you want to exchange for a new copy of the item – April Looming

There are some amazing goods there.. even a jacket without any layers.. it was made up of prims only…. which reminds me.. I need to blog that too!

Tp here to Wild Style   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cheonma/56/188/107

Outfit: *Outside The Lines* Pret-A-Porter by Wild Style (includes glasses and nails) tp here

Boots: Thigh Boots by Wild Style Fashions tp here

Skin: (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) TP HERE

Photographer: NyuNyu Kimono

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