the colour of fallen leaves …. i see in this outfit – TTF – DELILAH – OUTFIT 1

Thea is just a mastermind when it comes to creative fashion.  Her artipieces (yes gowns but in my mind pieces of art) is filled with character, beautiful high quality textures and cuts.  Much love for THEA TAMURA FASHION tp here

In this set, the main piece is the SKIRT LAYER. You can combine it with different SCULPTED CORSETS and with a LOWER SHIRT.
Detailed Content:

a) Lingerie Layers: Pantie, Pantie w/Garter, Pantie w/Garter &  Stockings, Stockings, Pantie Belt, Undershirt 1

b) Outfit Layers: Skirt, Shirt, Shirt Belt (if you want to wear it with your personal pants), Undershirt 2, Gloves
c) Outfit Attachments: Shirt Collar (Large), Shirt Collar (Small),  Corset 1, Corset 2, Corset 2 w/Laces), Lower Shirt                                            (w/wrinkles), Gloves (Right & Left)


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