spookey but sexy skins!! I ALEIDA I Ingrid II – spokey and I ALEIDA I Ingrid II – spider emo

These skins are just so delicious.. I want Halloween to be a yearly event so I can parade in these skins forever in a day..grab’em now!  There is an optional I ALEIDA I Ingrid II – freckless (tattoo layer) which I am also wearing.. they are just too cute for words XDD


See Aleida’s notes below:


ngrid II skin for Halloween

Ingrid II skins “Spookey” and “Spider” for halloween only : included hairbase, bald, freckless as tattoo layer. Limited available until end of October 2010. (ps. picture is taken in Kirsten 2.0 with shadow, and no fake editing here, so they look as you see).

You will find them in a big big smiling pumpkin at the entrance :).

Ingrid II skin is coming soon to my shop – will announce later when.

BTW, there is a mini halloween hunt going on inside my store with small gifts. Hint: smiling pumpkins 😉

SLURL: slurl.com/secondlife/FresH/127/131/21

PS: More pictures of body etc. are in my Xstreet.
Link: marketplace.secondlife.com/p/I-ALEIDA-I-Ingrid-II-Hallowe…


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