this dress is called Emo ……she is by Vita’s Boudoir

.. for the most part.. I’m just bouncing around.. searching for my next virtual closet high.. through this journey.. I have found friends.. and experiences that are very real… and you get to have a digital cuppa.. with someone ..on the other side of the world.. and sometimes… that person.. knows how to create goodies in world.. this gown.. a product … of an incredible woman.. the architect of Vita’s Boudoir….  when I wear any gown from Vita’s Boudoir.. I feel … delicous.. and I feel like am floating  😀  love love love  this pic was taken at Vita’s Garden.. it is just breathtaking  🙂

Gown: eMo dress by Vita’s Boudoir

Hair: Irena white! by Vita’s Boudoir

Skin: Baiastice_D. Casting-Sunkiss-make up8 BK tp here

[09:45] Vitabela Dubrovna: this is my window in world

Photography: Cornelia Dyrssen

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