Finesmith Pumpkin Print hunt

Woot woot! Finesmith is participating in the Pumpkin Print Hunt!  The prize is a stunning Forever bride set containg earrings and matching necklace.  These pieces are just so lush and would beautiful on the bride to be or simply jazz up that old favourite dress you have laying in the back of your inventory.   Find it XD  Hint:  A sense of balance and accord.  Pleasing to the ears in melody.

Jewelry: Finesmith Forever bride set – Pumpkin Print Hunt reward Find it

Outfit: *Bliss Couture* Rosbella Wedding Gown tp here

Hair: Tukinowaguma Kara SH Ebony tp here

For info and tips on the Pumpkin Print Hunt  visit

Hunt help will also be available in one of these two groups:Huntaholics and more:secondlife:///app/group/79d546d0-3526-5d6b-7e1c-a206e67eb7f3/aboutThe Hunters Group secondlife:///app/group/dcb23732-9de4-1f8e-b9ee-9c4d2529bb57/about

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