Kings and Queens presents – Contest for the Royal Crown

This is a monthly contest.
Each month, one  ” Queen of the month” (i.e. “QUEEN OF SEPTEMBER”) will be chosen.
Contestants will have to wear one outfit from Queens (Formal or Casual) and jewelry from either Donna Flora and/or Gems & Kisses (from QUEENS store). Entry pictures will be sent to Serene Faith in world. The pictures can be photoshopped but the outfit has to be clear and not modified. Every contestant shall enter 2 photos (headshot and full body ) each month. They can enter every month with different outfit if not chosen  Queen of the Month previously. Contestans will have to join QUEENS & KINGS GROUP in world. A copy of the transaction will be required for both outfit and jewelry.
Each month from the 15th to the 30th/31st, entry photos are to be sent to Serene Faith inworld.
Within few days after 30/31st, 5 contestans will be announced and invited to the live runway contest.
On the first Sunday of the month after the announcement of the finaists,  at 12 pm (noon) SLT, a live contest (runway) will be held with pre-selected judges and guest judges, and a new QUEEN of the Month will be chosen.
First Runner-Up and Second Runner-Up will also be chosen. If at any event, the QUEEN of the Month is unable to enter the QUEEN of the Year contest, the First Runner-Up will take her place. First and Second Runner-Ups may re-enter the contest.
Judges for QUEENS runway finals:
1 KINGS Management
1 QUEENS Management
1 Donna Flora representative
1 MOOLTO representative
1 Guest Blogger
1 Guest Photographer
1 Maniera representative
5 monthly KINGS finalists
Final Runway Schedule and Times:
12:00 ~ 12:30 pm (slt): KINGS runway finals
12:30 ~ 12:45 pm (slt): Voting of KING of the Month
12:45 ~ 1:15 pm (slt): QUEENS runway finals
1:15 ~ 1:30 pm (slt): Voting of QUEEN of the Month
*The 5 QUEEN of the Month finalists will be asked to join the KING of the MONTH contest at 12pm (noon) SLT, to participate in voting of the new KING of the Month.
1:30 pm (slt) ~ : The Coronation Ball where the new QUEEN & KING of the MONTH will be announced and crowned.
QUEEN of the MONTH Prizes:
1. 1,500L for QUEEN of the MONTH;
2. One Queens outfit  to the QUEEN of the MONTH;
3. Interview with the winners on Maniera Magazine;
4. Poster will be made with the winners of the month;
5. Coronation Ball in honor of QUEEN and KING of the MONTH:
6. Crowns by Donna Flora, presented to the winners at the Coronation Ball;
7. Stay at “The Palace” until the next QUEEN and KING of the MONTH is crowned.
1. Copy of the purchase transaction of outfit and jewelry (copy and paste to a nc).
2. Join KINGS & QUEENS group inworld.
3. Join Moolto QUEENS group.
4. Send Serene Faith entry folder inworld:
* Create a folder called “QUEEN of September – Your Name”
* Full perm headshot
* Full perm bodyshot
* Copy of the purchase transaction of both outfit and jewelry in a nc
Any folder not following the instructions mentioned above will not be considered.

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