special shout out to Heydon Milter

Okies, I am taking this opportunity to recognise my dear friend and business partner Heydon Milter.  Heydon is a dream.  She knows how to ps, build, model.. she could walk on a dime!  She has built the runway and strutures of the International Model Agency.  She loves to shop and is always there for me and her friends.. even when we drive each other batty.. Heydon is the voice of reason.  I could not imagine my SL without her.  Right now we are chilling on a runway that she just put together.. and I thought we looked cute

We are both wearing the same dress GARCONS TOKYO*Dress&Gown Meteor [Silver] for me Gold for Heydon hugs.  Tp to store here

2 Replies to “special shout out to Heydon Milter”

  1. Florentine D. says:

    Hello 🙂
    i really enjoy your blog. May you tell me where the brown hair is from and the orange nails.


    • Ananya says:

      Hi flo 🙂 Im glad you like it.. yes the [Nikita] Dangerous Hair – Coffee is from Nikita Fride tp here and the nails are :: PM :: Metallic Nails in Orange from PurpleMoon Creations tp here


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