I’ve been converted! My new Nyu Concepts HUD!! I LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!

I have only been in the modelling a year or so and there is a big thing about what to use when you strike a pose.  Some say quick poses and walk overides, some will use huddles.. . some use both..  some will go with the manual poses on their screens.. and some like myself  use AOs.   I am thinking people will say, same Shizz different bucket but when it comes to runway.. the right equipment is essential.

The reason why I love my AO is because I can load it up and create several notecards for different outfits, for example, Gowns, Bikini/Lingerie, casual pant etc.. I usually create a new AO for every walk too.  What I don’t like about my AO is that I can only scroll through my poses but not backwards and the button for the next stand/pose is quite small.. so when you are doing your thing on the catwalk with one hand on the arrows (my left hand) and the other on the tiny button (yes I change poses while I walk from stop to stop) with sweaty palms to add to the equation (gross but true)…. it can be a logistical nightmare.  I guess this may be a reason why some models prefer the HuDs with the big buttons.. like a button for each pose and you can alternative between the buttons.. as opposed to the AO where you can only scroll forwards through your poses.. clear as mud?

Now.. the incredible, and ridiculously  talented NyuNyu Kimono has created a solution!!  I could grope her right about now.  Nyu has created a hud which is the best of both worlds!!

I have tested it and just love it!! It can even tell you how tall you are  O.o  Nyu Concepts HUD : Height Finder whispers: Including shoes; Ananya Mai has an agent height of 2.25 m (7 feet 5 inches), and an actual avatar prim height of 2.49 m (8 feet 2 inches) tall.  Thats cool!

What I love about this HUD solution 🙂  is that the buttons are big! LOOK!  and you can use it for AO as well!  I just don’t understand why this hasnt been done before!!!  Seriously, this HUDs is the shizzle and I strongly recommend you get your virtual behinds to check it out.  Fly.. tp.. run to  .Maritima Inc.  tp  here You can also pick up any of Nyu’s products here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/46348

As of the date of this blog this hud cost $588L and comes with lifetime upgrade!  Awesomeness!!!!

– Built-in AO, based on latest Zhao II MB2 1.0.19 HUD (credits to Ziggy Puff, mod by Marcus Gray, Johann Ehrler & Moeka Kohime)
– 16 quick pose buttons
– Built-in “Instant Pose Stand” and Height Detector
-Ability to mininize/maximize HUD
– Store/loads up to 12 notecards containing different sets of animation and poses
– Easy to configure! (Just configure the notecard and you’re good to go)
– Walk, Pose, Turn, Edit Prims, Change Pose/AO, an all-in-one models HUD with a Sleek design!^^
– HUD comes in MOD/COPY, No TRANSFER permissions, meaning you can make as many copies, each containing up to 12 notecards, the possibilities is virtually unlimited!

One Reply to “I’ve been converted! My new Nyu Concepts HUD!! I LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!”

  1. awww thank you ananya!! i’m glad u liked it! thank you for the awesome review!!!

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