feeling curio and LoQ hair

Only recently I ended up with these amazing hairs!  OMG  How did survive this long without them!!

Starting from top left:

Sorry I am kinda disorganised.. the first thing pieces are from three different packs, [Curio] Betty Boop – Black, Blonde and Browns.  [Curio] Jade – Black.  The final three again one piece from each pack [Curio] Bow – Black, Blonde and Browns.  I have to say that I am impressed with the tones, they are very flattering.. everyone one of them.  You know sometimes you buy a pack of hair and you may only use only piece.. well I reckon I will use every single piece.  Good buy.  Red outfit, BB Kensington – Red by Bliss Beningborough, then p.c paper couture outfits.

Top three again from [Curio] Paper Tiger – Blonde, Black and Brown packs.. you get two version/me points to the top right fringe back.  The bottom four are from “LoQ Hairs” Breve Hair Black Pack,.. you get “LoQ Hairs” Breve – Ash Black, “LoQ Hairs” Breve – Black,  “LoQ Hairs” Breve – Dark Grey and “LoQ Hairs” Breve – White.. you also get “LoQ Hairs” Breve – Jet Black but its not in the pic.. but… it looks really black lool

Skin: Baiastice_D. Casting-Sunkiss-make up7 BK by Sissy Pessoa.  top three outfits from p.c paper couture bottom four pics BelleMi Couture Sofia 9DRESS0by yzabelle Fuhrman of [Bellemi]

All of the above from “LoQ Hairs” Espresso Black Pack.., you get five different piece in each pack.. Love it

Get your virtual behinds to LoQ (creator Gia Pawpad) and Curio (creator  Rita Groshomme) today! woooot

Skins from CStar and  outfits from  GATO-Reptile Set by Lalu Bonetto.. btw.. Love Lalu  been a friend for a very very long.. well a long time in terms of sl.. http://thealternativesl.blogspot.com/

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