ohhhhh the House of Beningborough has moved! Rodeo Drive baby <3

As you may know I work as a Live Model for the House of Beningborough 🙂  Well today we moved to Rodeo Drive!  How cool is that?  I work at HOB on Rodeo Drive… oh I like the sound of that!  XDD  Limo here

Also.. *drum roll* announcing the pre-finalist for the Face of Beningborough 2011

Ananya Mai
Leesa Donner
Angel Keen
Katherine Comet
Sabine Mortenworld
Amazon silverweb
arion Vella
Flidais Etchegaray
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
jennifer ellison
Issy Flatley
ida Boomhauer
Suzie Marenwolf
Marie29 Button
Now we look forward to the model auditions!  Good luck everyone! XDD

Starting on 28th August , models are invited to apply by photo submission ( see rules of entry below) and each month 12 models will be chosen to attend  model trials at Evane Model agency . (see rules for dates)
The Contest this year will be run by Naiya Kazyanenko the House of Beningborough Manager and Darkevilone Demonia , assistant director of Evane Agency. who will oversee the model auditions and choose 5 models to become FOB finalists and receive FOB Finalist tags. These models will go forward to the FOB Finalists show to be held in January 2011 where we will pick our Face of Beningborough 2011. Models not chosen for either the trials or as a finalist in each month may re apply the following month.

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