Fashion Freaks hunt 2 more sneak peaks

Again, the will keep you to date with any changes etc.. It also has the list of all the designers that are partipating in this event! 😀

Hunt item is the top and pants by Quirky Designs .. Hint: What’s up with this logo?

Face pierce by [Acide!] : Hint: On the table

Hunt Outfit by Virus Hint:  Fear has many eyes and can see things underground.

Hunt outfit is !SDM!~Invortion Top FF2H (jeans not included).  It has several bottom attachments. Taxi

Hunt outfit is this jacket in four colours: Baumisto Blazer~Green~Jacket, Baumisto Blazer~Purple~Jacket Baumisto Blazer~Tan~ and White (wearing)  Very practical and smart and be worn a number of ways TAXI

Hunt outfit: 061 – FF2 – :: ROZENA SKIN SHAPE EYEBROWS kawaiii too cute!!!  Look here ::Rozena Skins:: : Hint: on the wall

Hunt items Little love hearts on my cheek and this wicked hair!  Love hearts by [:DresseR!] Hint: Don’t forget my welcome gift! ;D  Hair by Digital Eyes : Hint: does “subscribe” take a F?

Wow what a cool hunt prize! This is *Boof. Sideshow Splitta (Gal).. Includes the stage and when you sit on the stage you break out in dance lool .. you also get the cane, the hat and outfit (shoes hair skin not included).   *Boof* :Hint It’s electrifying!

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