such a pretty landing spot ^^

I have been bouncing around from sim to sim looking for a nice pose for this kimono top…  I ended up at KiiToS!! and landed on a little island of prettyness.. I had to take a photo

Jacket: ][AV][jacket kimono red by Miraiwave Iwish

Top: Kakeshita (shirt layer) from * Sweetaholic/*hime1.5  kimono by Asalt Eames

Pants: -Veschi- Jump Her! Widelegs & Booty Shorts ink by Alla Ruff

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Light Yellow by Emma Gilmour

Skin: by Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift) by  Lara Hurley

Hair: Kin-Oralee-twobun[Black] by Kin Keiko

Pose: gold digger pose 5 by Morgane Batista

2 Replies to “such a pretty landing spot ^^”

  1. thanks for naming me as pose maker, not many models name the pose makers of what they use :o)

    • Ananya says:

      you’re welcome hun.. i knew that was yours straight up.. I need to start taking note of the poses when I take the pictures.. coz I when I see the picture and go through the credits I just have a mental blank for the pose.. and I have hundreds of them..

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