Spotlight on Paper Couture P.c

OMGOOOSHHH.. you need to run to Paper Couture like now!!  The Fall range is just to die for!  Im talking vibrant colours, gems that will your jaw dragging on the ground and I am not kidding.. here is a sample of what is there.. I will be posting more pics soon.. I need to get to rl work lol

p.c. Spotted Suit

p.c; Big Bun Puff – Brown

P.C; Bone Feather Set (earrings and necklace)

p.c; Seen by Moonlight

p.c; Cactus Necklace

P.C; Leather & Gold Earrings

p.c; Infinite Rainbow

p.c; Organic Hoops

p.c; Treasures Bib

P.C; Divine Royalty Set

p.c; Sunrise Earrings

4 Replies to “Spotlight on Paper Couture P.c”

  1. meetmyfeet says:

    omg the jewels are sooo awesome..

  2. Great blog. I will soon be starting a blog (and later to become a full magazine) called SLPeople Magazine. If you might be interested in writing a blog/column, please let me know. I would also like to invite you to join us at if you have not already. Keep up the good work. Colby

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