Spotlight on Paper Couture P.c

Okies, I’m back from work yay.. now I can finish posting my paper delights yayy 😀  TP to Paper Couture now!

p.c; Harvest Beads Necklace

Outfit: p.c; Waves Of Silk

Hair: p.c; Big Bun Puff – Black

Gems: p.c; Cheetah’s Pride Necklace (Cheetah’s Pride Set) & p.c; Fabric Tassle Earrings  (Cheetah’s Pride Set)

Outfit: p.c; White cheetah Mini

Necklace: p.c; Dead Man’s Mask

p.c; Etched Bell Earrings

p.c; Gold studded earrings

p.c; Dragon Fly Fabric Necklace

p.c; Oxidized Silver Hoops

p.c; Snowdrift Suit

p.c; Organic Hoops

p.c; Treasures Bib

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