… a little bit of everything

gah… I’m in one of my “off with the fairies” moods…

Kimono: ][AV][jacket kimono pink by by Miraiwave Iwish

Singlet: [SC] Surf Couture – Driftwood Tank – Black by by Emma Gilmour

Pants: [LeLutka]-DIMIA pants/perky by Thora Charron of [LeLutka

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Light Yellow by Emma Gilmour

Skin: by Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift) by  Lara Hurley

Hair: Kin-Marla-[Brown] by Kin Keiko

[SG*] Breeze Hair Accessory by Morphine Janick of Sweetest Goodbye

Nail polish:  Candy Nail #NS000 Basic Dark Pink by peche Bury

Earrings: * {CS} Silent bamboo earring Yellow (boxed) by SAZAE Yoshikawa


such a pretty landing spot ^^


I have been bouncing around from sim to sim looking for a nice pose for this kimono top…  I ended up at KiiToS!! and landed on a little island of prettyness.. I had to take a photo

Jacket: ][AV][jacket kimono red by Miraiwave Iwish

Top: Kakeshita (shirt layer) from * Sweetaholic/*hime1.5  kimono by Asalt Eames

Pants: -Veschi- Jump Her! Widelegs & Booty Shorts ink by Alla Ruff

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Light Yellow by Emma Gilmour

Skin: by Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift) by  Lara Hurley

Hair: Kin-Oralee-twobun[Black] by Kin Keiko

Pose: gold digger pose 5 by Morgane Batista

Spotlight on Paper Couture P.c

Okies, I’m back from work yay.. now I can finish posting my paper delights yayy 😀  TP to Paper Couture now!

p.c; Harvest Beads Necklace

Outfit: p.c; Waves Of Silk

Hair: p.c; Big Bun Puff – Black

Gems: p.c; Cheetah’s Pride Necklace (Cheetah’s Pride Set) & p.c; Fabric Tassle Earrings  (Cheetah’s Pride Set)

Outfit: p.c; White cheetah Mini

Necklace: p.c; Dead Man’s Mask

p.c; Etched Bell Earrings

p.c; Gold studded earrings

p.c; Dragon Fly Fabric Necklace

p.c; Oxidized Silver Hoops

p.c; Snowdrift Suit

p.c; Organic Hoops

p.c; Treasures Bib

Spotlight on Paper Couture P.c


OMGOOOSHHH.. you need to run to Paper Couture like now!!  The Fall range is just to die for!  Im talking vibrant colours, gems that will your jaw dragging on the ground and I am not kidding.. here is a sample of what is there.. I will be posting more pics soon.. I need to get to rl work lol

p.c. Spotted Suit

p.c; Big Bun Puff – Brown

P.C; Bone Feather Set (earrings and necklace)

p.c; Seen by Moonlight

p.c; Cactus Necklace

P.C; Leather & Gold Earrings

p.c; Infinite Rainbow

p.c; Organic Hoops

p.c; Treasures Bib

P.C; Divine Royalty Set

p.c; Sunrise Earrings

more gorgeousness from House of Beningborough

*sigh*  I really love the gowns at the House of Beningborough.. I would be hard pressed to actually pick a favorite from the HOB line.  This gown is just equisite.. and this photo was actually used in an AVENUE advertisement this year.  The photographer is a sl legend.. a great .. check out Barney Roundel flickr here B is also the Co-CEO & owner of  Scruplz Publications.. yup big grown up!

BB Diagonal Dress -Black/Animal print by Bliss Beningborough

Skin: Lara Skin-Heather smokey3-red lips pale by Lara Hurley

Hair: Tila-Black by dianny3636 Aeon of 3636