The Fashion Freaks Hunt now one *cue music* a hunting we will go.. a hunting we will go

The Hint’s list for Fashion Freaks hunt 2   is up on the blog and is continually being updated as soon as possible for any changes happening during the hunt.   For any questions or if you see any problems with the hunt, don’t hesitate to send your question in the Fashion Freaks group chat.  Someone should be there to answer you.

As a final resort, you can leave a Notecard to Mara Parnall, Regan Canonmill or Avy Fhang.

Fashion Freaks group :

Copy paste in local then click and join :

For the full list of participating designers please visit the you will find links to the stores and hints.

The first…… with hint 😀

1. .:Shush:. : I packed my suitcases and I am ready for this Fashion Freaks hunt travelling

I’m wearing hunt item from Shush … a comfy wool knit dress that can be dressed up or down.. you can mix it up too with other layers … so loving it !!!

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