Peek a boo into some of the goodies of the fashion freaks hunts 2 XD

15. Find me at  .::DELICIOUS::. : Hint: Bringing some of the outdoors inside, greenery livens the place up a bit.

Find the sweet green outfit!  25. .:*Pretty Stick*:. : Clue: Stay updated and you’ll find out

Oh gosh… look at this prize!  the cute attack blue outfit (boot not included) is by auTre and the star bracelet, piercing, necklace and sunnys are by [b.nuts].. All rewards of the hunt!

46. auTre : Emmy Loves Hunts!

59. [b.nuts] : I think it’s for free, isn’t it?

Ok ok.. I love this dress.. the textures are wow.. the cut is wow.. the prims are perfect.. ever so pretty ..

65. Snowpaw Fashion : availability of item not comfirmed yet.

Yeehahhh .. the top and jeans from Simply are a hunt item and so is this incredible necklace by Finesmith Jewelry.. get crackin and getta hunting!

67. Finesmith Jewelry : We all love group gifts! Me too

72. ~Simply~ : availability of item not comfirmed yet.

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