Hyper omggggg yay

I just found I’ve been syndicated to the FashionfeedofSL.  I am very excited about this if you can’t tell.  When I found this Feed a year ago I became addicted to the SL Fashion Industry and threw myself into it.  It has been so much fun and I love every minute of it.

Soo… I am on a mission to get a snapshot of all the outfits collecting virtual dust because it seems like such a waste otherwise…  Given that I work at the House of Beningborough I thought I’d blog one of the MANY HOB gowns I am loving at the moment hehehe

Okies direct below I am wearing Dancing Peacocks.  The outfit also comes with two different mantles.  I’ve noticed alot of “peacock” bits and pieces coming out lately and I reckon thats just fabo.

Skin: *Glance Skins – Devon – Smokey by Joakim Asbrink

Outfit: BB Dancing Peacocks- black/white Bliss Beningborough

Hair: HOB HAIR -DARK BROWN-ASTON by Bliss Beningborough

Eyelashes: Long EyeLashes Cat by Nikita Fride

Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA+*HYDRA*NECKLACE2 by Yumi Pausch

Now the pics below are not taken by me but by my darling Cornelia Dyrssen.. she is an awesome photographer.. check out her pics here

This dress is also by House of Beningborough.  You can wear it with either the BB Moonlight Peacock chest wrap or the BB Moonlight Peacock waistband.  I prefer the waistband over the chest wrap.

Dress: BB Moonlight Peacock Gown by Bliss Beningborough

Skin: LAQ MIMA by by Mallory Cowen

Hair: Fellini Couture- Poppy hair in black by joy Fellini

Eyelashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes NO16_NoFacelight by monica Outlander

Gems: Mayur necklace, bracelet and earrings by Alienbear Gupte (from description Alienbear Design 2010 (inspired from rl “Alexander McQueen” & sl “Agnes Finney” ‘s designs))

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