still loving my buys from the hair fair

Firstly chilling out at home is nice.  I got this place from NOTsoBAD and I have blogged about it before.  There are just so many corners for pretty pictures heheeh

Okies, I have seen this hair on a few blogs and thought .. I want and will get! Lately the lag has been so much better at the Hair Fair which is awesome.  I seriously lost my mind when I couldnt get anything on the first few days.  Anyways back to the hair, this is [Shag] – Breathe Me – chestnut and this taxi “should” take you its tent at the Hair Fair.

I am wearing the *OC* Bond Girl Bikini which is smexy smexy.  I love everything at Orage Creations.  All of her outfits have incredible textures, cuts and wooow.

For gems I am wearing ~DZASTRE WEAR~ Fancy Angel Bracelets and its creator is Fabianne Loon and {*Aglaia*} Flux Collection – Rox earrings and necklace by Pheonix Piek.  {*Aglaia*} had an awesome sale at Maritima Inc. (Fashion Metropoli, and I bought big lol.


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