I *heart* these things Mea, HOB, Hair Fair……..

I do believe I need to stop blogging as I feel like Im going a little crazy *mad face*  but I don’t want to fall asleep until I blog these things..

This hair is from the Hair Far and its called [Nikita] Kesha Hair – Coffee.  I am thrilled with the pieces from Nikita and I hope to visit again shortly.  I got this outfit from the House of Beningborough where I work as a live model.  It makes me feel fierce  *looks at the pistol*

I am also loving these heels from Mea.. my gosh.. one pair of heels.. for different prints .. I mean come on!  that is pure awesomeness  *goofy grin*

Hair: [Nikita] Kesha Hair – Coffee by Nikita Fride at Hair Fair

Skin: *Glance Skins – Devon – Smokey by Joakim Asbrink

Outfit: BB Renaissance Frilled top pants and BB Long John Jacket -White by Bliss Beningborough

Shoes: Mea Culpa Shoes WILDERNESS *  by Tatanka Kaligawa

Weapon:  *shoots blanks* Prim-onition-Ladies-45 by Trey Harris

Face animation: +KiiToS!!+ Face Animation*(wear me) by stellarmoon Destiny

Eyelashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N10 by monica Outlander

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