[Narcissus]_DU4, originally uploaded by Ananya Mai Addiction.

*Y’s HOUSE* Wall Light [Narcissus]_DU4
*Y’s HOUSE* Twin Bench [Narcissus]_DU4
*Y’s HOUSE* Low Table Light [Narcissus]_DU4

Ohlalala.. the poses in this bench were oh so very hot..

Behind me are four walls with very funky inbuilt lights.  You can select the brightness and its very effective.  I selected high for every light.  With the Twin Bench you even get a water look like floor to rezz.  So once everything is up you really have your own little studio.  I pulled off one of the lights from the walls and bought up close to my face but out of camera shot.  No editing at all, just raw sl awesomeness….

I love this jumpsuit by House of Beningborough.  Bliss first brought it out in Gold/Black and I was yipping all over the place.  Now she has released it in White and it is my go to every where event outfit.  This hair by Nikita is just the right colour shade of brown for this MIMA skin by LAQ.  I’ve alway had jet black hair in SL however I am thinking a change of colour is now on the cards..

These earrings are called ASIAPearl and its comes in a pack which Necklace, ring and bracelet.  I love it soo much, the detailing is amazing, and the droplet thingings actually move O.o prettyness

Outfit: Zulu jumpsuit House of Beningborough
Hair: Nikita Fride
Earrings: Terra D’ombrA

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