a sailing we will go.. a sailing we will go…

I recently graduated from MVW Academy *can I get a woop woop* and one of the assessments was to put together an outfit for a day on a yacht.. well.. it was alot vaguer than that.. it was like.. what would you wear if you were invited to dine or something like that at the captain’s table.  I first thought, well, I better make it classy and Ralph Lauren like.. with this in mind I came up with this outfit.  This said, I didn’t end up wearing it because.. well.. it just isn’t something “I” would wear.  So I ended up wearing something oh so very different.. and… I may just end up posting a picture of that outfit too lol..

Baiastice_Saba pants-white-pants
Collection MOREA STYLE CITY * GLADYS marin* TOP ONLY and associated flexi
(creamshop) Toon heart earrings
{CS} Glam bangle type 2 (Red)
[LeLutka]-RUIZ bag/Red
[LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Red
[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_L_ (Electric Red)
Analog dog – dive shoulders smoke & fuente smoke


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