So sharp .. I.. could cut you ^^

Recently I attended the awesome event at Brink’s Puddles Store.. visiting this store makes me nervous as there was one time I was so in love with every in her store… I ended up.. umm… buying pretty much everything.. and ask Brinks Lemmon.. I am not exagerating! but anyhoo i digress … I went to the event there an met one of my SL Fashionista too hot to touch and obviously handle sl fashion designers Micah Kanto..I think I screamed like a crazed fan lool.. well I suppose if the shoe fits lol

So.. I manage to beg her into friending me and omg she ended up organising a lahdidah tea.. high tea even hehehe while I was there I pretty much went kaching kaching over and over again hahahahah love ittttt love Modern Gypsy

[PACADI Jasha] Armadillo Plateaus (mamba)
Pose: *TorridWear* – High Fashion 1 – Torrid Midnight
Hair: !Labieja! Elina (noir) – MG

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