Gooo aussie go

Wear a World Cup 2010 bikini of your country or countries you love

– Take a picture (pictures should be 1024×1024 full perms, no names, logos, signs, explicit nudity, clothes from another brand)
You can use a photo editor to enhance them lightly.
– Send the folder named: World Cup 2010 Contest – YOUR NAME – to Elettra Gausman including the picture/pictures and a notecard with your info.
– Upload your pictures to a Flickr account, add them to our group and name it World Cup 2010 Contest – YOUR NAME
– Add Orage Creations as a pick in your profile

You can send many pics to increase your chances…

between June 12th – July 11th
No entries will be accepted after that.

Judges will evaluate the taste, quality, beauty, quality and originality in your pictures.

Winner will get L$10000 to spend in Orage Creations and Orage Creations Beauty
Winner will be a model of Orage Creations
All the contestants that accomplish the rules, will be receiving a gift for their participation.

Good Luck…

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