peek-a-boo ^^ cheeky

peek-a-boo ^^ cheeky, originally uploaded by Ananya Mai Addiction.

Okies, I am still on the mission to get a picture of every outfit in my inventory. It doesnt help though when I buy 4 new outfits before I finish blogging the next but anyhoo

Howz this for a smexy as jumpsuit meeowwwwwwww I still suck at photoshop and well you dont need to ps with an outfit like this (save?) How awesome is this skin?? I swear its like 10l to 20l or something crazyy like that!! Well it cost next to nothing when i bought it lool

*Beauty Avatar* SPECIAL EDITION NEFERTITI – Natural Skin 01 – aida Ewing

24’s Wow! No. 28 red heels

Boudoir lace jumpsuit – Vitabela Dubrovna

Aphro (large) afro – Izabell Babii

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