Boudoir beauty


Duchess Dew

Le Mort d'Amour


Let them eat cake


Lust for life

The Baroque Burlesque collection is absolutely stunning. Each outfit is complete with hair, hair pieces and shoes.

1. Baroque Burlesque-Duchess Dew by Boudoir  (I am wearing my own skin, shape and tattoo, everything else comes with the outfit)

2. Baroque Burlesque-Le Mort d’Amour by Boudoir 

Also wearing:

MB – The Posture Collar creator Yhis Khorana

Marquise Patent Leather shoulder piece & collar – This is from the Indyra Originals Couture – Marquise I: Chinese Laquer outfit creator Indyra Seigo

For the top right picture I added Boudoir  Irena hair RED!

3. Baroque Burlesque-Let them eat cake! by Boudoir 

4. Lust for Life by Boudoir 

*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) (this is a retired model) by cocoro Lemon

*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Kyoko  (this is a retired model)by cocoro Lemon


Love always, Ananya Mai



Sim:  Boudoir 


“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself….” D. H. Lawrence




Its been a good four months since I came back to my virtual reality.  I have been investing my time with my family, health, friends, work and other things.  I find my head is often in the clouds and I habit very quickly.  I love to daydream but I find it can be underproductive.  I found this quote and I fell in love with it “

Imagination should be used, not to escape reality, but to create it – Colin Wilson”

It will be forever work in progress for me!

So I have returned but I am not sure for how long.  I have friends and family in this place and because of this I don’t think I could ever leave permanently.  So please spam me up with all the hot goss! :P

It is wonderful to see the virtual world is busting at the seams with amazing styles and fashion.  Like the outfit today..

Dress:  Wild Things by Boudoir tp here

Hair: [LeLutka]-TRAVAIL hair (o)(o) – Powder and Scull headpiece

Heels: {{BSD Design studio}}Free as a bird-green parrot tp here

Love always, Ananya Mai

feeling fresh


Its Saturday!!  I thought I’d bust out a quick post before doing my zillion things for the day.  My friend Citta made this incredible dress.  It comes in many texture and fits a dream.  It will be available The Chapter Four from 4 August 2013.

Ananya Mai

-ATTIC- Fringed Dress (Ocean Fur) S  by Citta Wiskee  The Chapter Four Open on 4th Aug

Deesses Skins: Alicia – ice frappe tone by ::Natalie:: (nataliewells) tp here

(Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals high

MG -Necklace – Alchemy Charm Coin Necklace

PIDIDDLE – FeatherExtensions in hair

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

W&Y HAIR New141  (closed)

Location here


“The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this still life.” Imogen Heap

gorgeous face

gorgeous III

gorgeous Iv


gorgeous V

Hello everyone <3

In my part of the world it is FRIDAY TGIF for the win.  It felt like an uber long week and I my sl addiction has been strong this week.  I smashed out my work out at the gym and now blogging away to unwind.  After this I am going to totally relax my mind by watching back to back episodes of Breaking Bad season five.  Yeah as I type I am feeling lamer and lamer but *shrugs* its all good.

Today I am digging this gorgeous African Robe and super skimpy bikini by [VM] VERO MODERO.  I wish I could bring this outfit to my next trip to Bali which is in approximately 262974 minutes (lol yes yes love our annual trips there!)  I paired this up with the funkiest wedges which only cost L$65 *cheap cheap*

Now.. some of you may know that I wear a different skin normally but lately I am gravitating big time to Deesses Skins.  I mean look at this skin and and BOOBS!  Ohh also the lips are so yummy!!  It is gorgeous!!  If you get any time, I suggest checking them out.  I am wearing Alicia in Ice Frappe tone.

Love Ananya Mai

[VM] VERO MODERO Zara Beach Wear African and [VM] VERO MODERO / Zara Bikini Top by Bouquet Babii tp here

Deesses Skins: Alicia – ice frappe tone by ::Natalie:: (nataliewells) tp here

MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-1

PURE – {Mesh} Melissa Wedge Sandals – Aztec

.Shi : Headband [Lux Exclusive]

hair: Laqroki ~ Raven – Sunkissed (modded)

MG -Necklace – Alchemy Charm Coin Necklace

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual

Location:  Whispering Winds

CHilling to

Birds flying high you know how I feel Sun in the sky you know how I feel Breeze driftin’ on by you

birds fly high I

birds fly high II

birds fly high

Back again *waves*  I can’t explain how nice it is to log into a world where we can adjust the seasons.  Even then I wouldn’t need to coz its summer in SL.  For me in RL, its kinda cold and wet.  Yuck.

So I get inworld, turn up the heat a little, then my dear friend Larcoco throws me some goodies!!  Her new release Halternecks!  I totally love the design and texture on these mesh pieces.  So vibrant but can be easy mixed and matched up.  I threw on this skirt/pant by Cheerno and it works… in my opinion!

Again, I am still crushing on the Essence AO by Vista Animation and really dancing all over the place :P

::C’est la vie !:: Halterneck tops(tribal orange)mesh by Larcoco Ragu (larcoco.mathy) tp here


[CheerNo] Skirt_Pants _FIT – Firebrick (mens section of store but fits perfectly)

Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1

Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet

[ PXL ] OpenMouth addon [ Wear ME ]

[F]oil – Afro Summer Head Wrap – 6  {wear me silly LoL}

Long braid: Discord Designs – Phoenix – Warm Browns

ITGIRLS – Sui Skin / Summer

Location:  Whispering Wind

Love Ananya Mai

FYI this was the tune I was dancin to

Mesh hands?! appliers?? perfect skin matches? WOW



hands p


Ok so like have been gone a while.  Can’t expect technologies to freeze of course.  But I came back to MESH HANDS  AND AND SKIN APPLIERS!!!  Ok ok Im slow off the mark but I’ve been in a rl cave and I am just stupid excited.  I always sucked at matching skins to feet, hands, ears, heels and yeah get the drift. Now I put on an applier and like magic ITS PERFECT MATCHED!!!  I don’t know who came up with this idea first BUT all I know is that Slink has it!  I went in and grabbed the fatty pack.  Love love love!  I also heard there are mesh heads around?!!  omgggggg right now I wish I could make one of those!!

Anyways, so I am blogging about these mesh hands and I am guessing many of you would be like “yeah tell me something new?” however it is new to me and it is AWESOME.  If you have been in a rl cave and never heard of it before, I strongly recommending giving it a go.  Its alot of fun.

I move to my dear friend::Natalie:: (nataliewells).  She has been producing some extremely sexy skin and I’ve seen it debut on  a few blogs!  Now its my turn. I am reviweing Daiane and she is hot hot.  She is not yet release but get ready coz she is coming soon!  I used Deesses applier and pretty much pressed a button lol and it matched the skin on my mesh hands WINNING!  I ended up stripping off the fabulous new dress made by antoniaxp of -Countdown- (which is so utterly cute) and wearing my Enchanted Forest Nymph outfit by Boudoir so you can see more of the skin ;) (opps hhhaahhaa I left my watch on!)

Deesses Skins: Daiane – Skin base – cold milk SOON TO BE RELEASED tp here

Used Deesses Skins: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Art nails tp here

Countdown.Britney Purple Floral Summer Dress: Include dress and boots by -Countdown- (antoniaxp) tp here

Enchanted forest nymph wreath from Enchanted Forest Nymph outfit by Boudoir (formerly known as Vita’s Boudoir) tp here

{Handmade} Priscila Lipstick – Party Purple

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Splayed with Slink Enhancement Hands Alpha tp here

aDORKable Poses: Jewels


Please note, beside a crop here or there.. well you may have already noticed due to the noobness  lol anyways.. non edited pics :P

a certain strut to her stride




I simply had to blog this amazing VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD4.5*ESSENCE WOMAN AO-BETA4 AO by Vista Animations and pictures do not do it any justice.  So I am not very fluid on the screen due to my graphics being turned up high and the zillions things my laptop had to process at the time so I apologies for the awful quality of my recording!  I tried my best to capture of a few of the animations,  All so very cute but hey.. when I am rocking this AO I have this look of “do not mess with moii” :P

Love Ananya Mai <3

Again, fashion *sigh* Gizza never ceases to amaze.  I mixed up a couple of their new release jumpsuits.  So much fun to play with!  You end up with many mix and matches!


GizzA – Tube Jumpsuit [Purple] Top Size S with GizzA – Tube Jumpsuit [Suede Green] Pants Size S tp here

[LeLutka]-DULCINA hair/Light Blonde t Hair Fair 2013

LG Femme_Arina shirt Lupine – scarf (spine) from MFW2011 LG Concept_Outfit (few years old now)

MG – Necklace – Indian Summer Lovebug

[DDL] Savior (gold) watch

.: vive9 :. Ginta in Ivory Tone – Base skin

NX-Nardcotix Gloria Wedge Cerise


the noticeable differences





After being away from SL, wordpress and flickr I have picked up on so many changes.  Not bad changes though.  I am feeling like a noob all over again.  Even the infamous Fashion Feed of SL looks like its had an incredible makeover.

This said, inworld, the fashion is still fierce and loves ones are still loved.  I am glad to see the busyness is still thumping through the virtual veins of SL. ALSO I had to do a clean reinstall of Firestorm and WOW I can now take photos with dept of field! jkfdj;ajfdjfdjfajfjf;afk I have never EVA been able to do this with my humble little laptop!  So YAH completely freaking thrilled thank you architects of Firestorm!

I see the Hair Show is still going strong which is really fantastic.  I am glad it was my first destination for my “right click buy” madness.  At least I know that the compulsiveness will see part of the funds to the Wigs for Kids campaign.  I may post a few buys later on :D

Bohemian girl outfit (top, skirt and gorgeous headpiece) by Boudoir tp here

.: vive9 :. Ginta in Ivory Tone – Base

MrS – VOGUE – afro vaporous hair – mahogany


she slips into the virtual lights filled with wanderlust





Hello my virtual friends <3

I doubt you would even remember me given my close to six months absence from SecondLife.  During this time I didnt even log into WordPress, Flickr or check emails.  My virtual world really did my head in and I needed out.

So what did I do in six months?  I trained six days a weeks, cycled over  70kms for RAC Freeway Bike Hike 140 kms, then another 70kms in the other direction a month later, ran in the 5k Color Run, 12km HBF run for a reason, travelled and completely revamped my lifestyle to being somewhat healthy.  

I came back after training and I just needed to unwind.  SL pulled me back.  Here are some wonderful goodies by my darling sisters at Boudoir (formerly known as Vita’s Boudoir).  

Outfit 1: 

Enchanted Forest Nymph by Boudoir – includes absolutely headpiece tp here

[LeLutka]-LORELLA hair/Fades PACK at Hair Fair 2013

2013 BCA Pool of Hope Charity – Date Auction

2013 BCA Date Auction Poster blog


2013 BCA Pool of Hope Charity – Date Auction
I understand that I willingly offer to participate in a charity event where I will offer 2 hours of my time to be with an individual, to be determined, that will bid to win this time as a “date.”  You will be expected to arrive at last 30 minutes prior to your auction time.
First Name:
Last Name:
Do you have a preferred time that you would like to participate:

What is your ideal date:

Tell us a little about yourself:

Please forward your completed notecard and a face shot of your avie to IPUNIN PERA OR FILO TANI.